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Fae's 4ft tank and those who live in it


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After seeing all these photos posted lately, I thought I should take some photos of my 4ft tank.

Its a 4ft tank, primarily a South American biotype, with the exception of a few exchange students who are visiting (killifish, kuhli loaches and a Pakistani loach :))

Excuse the grubby glass ^_^



My hopeful pair of Bolivian Butterfly Cichlids (Microgeophagus Altispinosa)



Lone male Golden Panchax (Aplocheilus lineatus)


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Thanks Beano! More photos coming! ^_^

Rosy Tetra (Hyphessobrycon rosaceus)


Albino Cory (Corydoras aeneus)


Wizzy Rummy Nose Tetras - I love these guys, I have 19 of them :) (Hemigrammus rhodostomus)


More Rummy Nose


Few of my Discus.. hiding, they don't like it when my camera meters :) (scary bright light!)


The kuhlis were not budging, they sat and watched the show from under their log. Not even an algae wafer was convincing enough to come out. I think they were laughing at me.

Tenants are:

19 Rummy Nose Tetra

5 Rosy Tetra

4 Kuhli Loaches

1 Pakistani Loach

1 Randy Golden Pancax

6 Corydoras (2 green, 4 Albino)

2 Bolivian Butterfly Cichlids

6 Discus (3 turquoise, 3 Marlboro)

1800L p/h cannister (and a sponge filter, hence the ugly airstone, it got left outside during last water change)

1 AquaGlo tube (I need more!!)

C02 when I am feeling enthusiastic!

Planning on planting lace fern I have overtaking a smaller tank, wil make it more planty - will do it in a few days!)

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Still same fish, except the Discus, Rosy Tetras and Bolivan butterflys. (Since a year ago I have lost the White clouds, some were 3 years old! Apistogrammas and my BN's died recently :unsure: )

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Yep, will be planting it more! Lighting is second (as what I have in there is growing, not dying) Not close to finishing it :P. It is so bare at the moment. I need to keep some open spaces though for the discus, but I want it planted heavily.

I can't seen to find any Aquarium plants that aren't fake aquatic plants besides swords/ferns/crypts. I think I need to drive *around* Adelaide and branch out from my favourite haunts :P

I want a school of 10 Cardinal Tetras too.

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Hi Bettarazzi, it is pool filter sand. I bought it from my local Pool shop. I don't remember what brand it is, although I think it was ina white bag with blue text.

It really looks nice and bright, really happy with it. You just need to make up for lack of nutrience with fertilisers etc..

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Yes Robbie, you should put that tank to use! Thanks Heidi :)

The Discus were pretty happy during dinner time so I got a few extra shots! *sorry dial up users!* and I still haven't cleaned the glass :)


Mmm gonna catch me some frozen beefheart dinner!


The Red guys are fighting here, such little piggies.


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i dont like these photos.. i wish i had a tank like that.. GRRRRR at you haha. thats an awesome tank (and everything in it)!!

your either a very skilled at operating a camera, or thats a really good camera lol... either way well done on the photos!

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I mainly adjust the exposure/aperture on the camera and point it. The camera is very clever once you set it up how you want it :lol:

Norris, you have very photogenic creatures and a gorgeous daughter!

I planted some java fern and threw a green sheet over the back of the tank. I think I prefer a darkish background.

Will have to hunt around for one I think.

I need more wood in the tank I think? higher plants too. I can feel a reno coming on :rant:


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Dark backgrounds are great - I'm still waiting for something black and big enough to come along for my O tank...

Oh dear, I just looked at the O tank and he's behaving bizarrely - perhaps I did leave the water change a bit long...

***EDIT - he's ok, he was just lying sideways in the bubble stream... silly fish...

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:lol: @ the Oscar.

I have a blue background from years ago. I don't like it. Reminds me of tanks with coloured stones and fake plastic plants and goldfish :rant:. I haven't used a background a lot in the past because I am still waiting to get a 3D rock background, when I get my bigger/better tank. Still waiting...

I do not want to do too much with this tank because it is going as soon as I get the chance. I don't even want to pay for a plastic background ;) Maybe I will cut the sheet up and just let it hang there :lol:

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I want one of those 3D backgrounds - actually I wanted to get that fake-slate stack panelling that they use for fence posts and feature walls in new modern mansions - still so expensive though.

Problem with me having a black background on my tank is that I'll have to change over the substrate - it's black! I want sand, but don't want to have to haul a whole bag of the stuff home.

I really hate blue backgrounds - sorry people if you like them! Perhaps dark blue, but everytime I see one it's always that hideous bright blue!

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I use part Reverse Osmosis & tap water. It's not hard work, Mark always has a large bottle filtering for drinking, which I usually pinch them before they make it to the water dispenser :)

I bought the unit about 2 years ago from ebay for about $150. Sometimes (depending on water quality throughout the year), if I do a lot of little water changes I can get away with tap water. But right now, the water from my reservoir is so terrible at buffering. Last night I took out only 8L's to put in a small tank and I replaced it with tap water. The pH dropped from 6.6 to 6.2 within a few hours. This is terrible just from the 8L of tap water, which is only about 3-4% of the total water volume of the tank. This is with adding a few tablespoons of Bicarb soda to help my bag of shellgrit buffer the water :)

Normally, I have no problems with the water. I keep small bags of Peat and shell grit in the cannister and that is usually enough to keep the pH stable and the pH & GH low to keep everyone happy.

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