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Permitted Fish Species


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For reference, I've compiled a list of links to Australian Commonwealth and States web sites that contain information about permitted and noxious fish species (updated 17 January 2009).

Some governments are more helpful that others in telling residents what fish they can and can't keep, but at least these links will take you to the right place to find out.

Australian Government: AQIS

AQIS Import Conditions & Permitted species list: freshwater fish (Updated 28 Oct 2009)

PDF file of permitted live animal specimens for import

Queensland: DPI (Fisheries)

Permitted species

Declared noxious fish

New South Wales: DPI (Fisheries)

Species requiring a permit to import

Declared noxious fish

Victoria: DPI (Fisheries)

List of Declared Noxious Species

Noxious aquatic species permits

South Australia: PIRSA

Information about permits for keeping certain ornamental fish

Prohibited (noxious) species list

Western Australia: Fisheries

Species restricted for importation

Northern Territory: Fisheries

http://www.nt.gov.au/d/Fisheries/index.cfm...al%20Fish"</a>%5dGeneral%20policy%20on%20keeping%20and%20importing%20ornamental%20fish%5b/url%5d%5burl="http://www.nt.gov.au/d/Fisheries/index.cfm?newscat1=&newscat2=&header=Fisheries%20Regulations%20Schedule%201%20-%20Noxious%20Fish'>Noxious and banned species

Tasmania: IFS

Import requirements

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Thanks for posting that Vicki :P It's amazing what says is required to have a permit for in S.A many of the Cichlidae, I see some of them in the shops. I suppose it must be hard to regulate.

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I had a lovely Chocolate (emerald) cichlid but for a few years I didn't know if it was legal, illegal or a permit fish. It changed according to who I spoke to. A disaster with the heater and secondary disaster with replacement heater meant he got sick and in the end I put him down. Now I know he was illegal but still miss him and the Oscars aren't a patch on what he was.

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Just some clarification on the "Permitted species List for Queensland"

I enquired with fisheries and was told that I needed a permit to keep any fish not on this list.....

mmmm....Lots of fish not on this list are being sold and kept in Queensland....without permits!!!

I suppose my shellies and Central Americans are...."dwarf cichlids"????

and my Peacock Gudgeons are "rainbowfish"

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Very grateful for the work done in getting together that information.

It just (particularly Queensland) confirms my opinion that the lists are probably prepared by bureaucrats who know very little about fish.

For example in Queensland, the striped kribensis is listed as allowable. Does that mean that all other kribensis are not allowed or all other kribensis are considered dwarfs OR....

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You are spot on Bill......lists prepared by clerks....but their ignorance is our favour????

This is another link for Queenslanders.....Another list???....page 22


Pelvicachromis pulcher are "Dusky kribs"

Pelvicachromis taeniatus are "stripped kribs"

I like Rainbow fish......Glossolepis spp

The legislation is there....just no one polices it.....YET!

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