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  1. Hello to everyone here. I am Bill from Port Melbourne with a fish room largely full of dead wild bettas and having to get someone out to clean out my tanks so I can start again. Why such a dismal introduction? Well on 5 July 2013 I was involved in an accident that smashed up by left shoulder...my left humerus. Most accidents of this type the break heals naturally...however I did the worst of the worst and needed full surgical reconstruction with rods and pains and the whole works and at least 8 weeks rehabilitation. So you will see me a lot in here spending time giving my bits and pieces
  2. Just wondering what people's opinions are on the substrate to use for wild Bettas? a) use no substrate and just roots, aubias, java fern, caves and other assorted things? b)use a granite type sand substrate with roots, aubias, java fern, caves and other assorted things? c) some other combination that you might suggestion Not asking for either a) b) or c) but also ur reasons for suggestion the use of the particulaar substrate you recommend and whether you have used it ever? Many thanks Bill
  3. Obtained thsi delightful fish through Aquarium Industries wholesalers. Is it Betta strohi? Hate the use of common names
  4. I notice that the Aquarium Industries stock list has quite a number of wild bettas available. Your LFS should be able to get some in if you want them
  5. I thought freshwater pipefish were banned imports
  6. Wanting just FIVE pairs. I cannot help out there but could have helped out with just one pair. Sorry
  7. Macrostoma were selling very cheaply at the auction - $100for a trio
  8. Anyone have any experience or knowledge of this wild fish AI currently has then in stock
  9. Picked up two pairs of Betta antuta today at Coburg aquarium. They seem to have settled in well already and are looking very nice fish. Coburg only has 5 pairs if anyone is interested (make that 3 pairs now)
  10. My only concern with the tests is that the nitrate level has gone down to zero. Usually that builds up over time
  11. Actually it was not an invasion as property rights of the indiegnous inhabitants would have been vastly different (and far more legally beneficial to the indigenous inhabitants) if England had invaded and conquered Australia. It was deemed a settlement of uninhabitated land (that is no significant agricultural activity as recognised by the European powers of that time) and so the doctrine of terra nullius applied. This means that those British laws as applicable to the conditions in the new colony immediately came into force. If you are interested in this process, read the High Court decision of Mabo v State of Queensland (1992)
  12. Guess being last Thursday in the month it is just scheduled for that day... Maybe we will be offerd lamb on BBQ and pavlova...
  13. If it is the same presentation as he gave at ANGFA in the second half of last year, it is a very worthwhile lecture to go along to hear. It gives a great insight into field trips which we do not have much opportunity to undertake in Victoria I will be attending again
  14. I thought everyone knew about fish and salt - on Friday nights when as a good Catholic I buy fish and chips, the guy behind the counter always adds salt
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