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  1. sunrose217


    Good luck with it. You're lucky to be in NSW-you can join in-up here in the remote where this would be valuable-as there's next to nothing, no one wants a bar of you it seems-unless you're a senior member,..
  2. Wow thanks Vicki,you certainly know your stuff and a great asset to this forum,we're lucky to have you. It was only a couple of weeks ago I was wondering about what was allowed up this way,..Anne
  3. Wow Wayne,thats a whole lot of info...I like to read up on things but get really busy with the family and the business-that one good thing to be in a forum like this you pick up so much very quickly,I have never been in a forum before but realise how valuable it can be. To add to the medicine cabinet- ketapang leaf- I read it kills harmful bacteria-but also lowers the ph,..Anne
  4. Hello Laura Your tanks look lovely, I'm new too. I think you'll find this forum friendly and some great articles too, Anne
  5. Condy's crystals-heard of that one before-but what is it used for?-sounds ancient but efficient. I know pottasium is used to sweeten the mangos up here,..on the naturopathic side it can be useful for pneumonias and bad colds and flus,..I read somewhere that bettas can get pneumonia whilst they are developping their breathing organ-would it have something to do with that?
  6. Hi Duzza I'm new too and learning. You can learn a lot from this site and you'll find pleanty of helpful people. Google searching helps to find information as well. Make sure you have your cultures ready also to feed the fry-microworms,vinegar eels,Baby Brine Shrimp-water condition with Indian Almond leaf(Terminalia Catappa), are just a few things,Anne
  7. Des Hows things haven't seen you on here for a while? hi from Anne :)

  8. I am learning so I wanted to have something handy in case something broke out-and knowing things can be hard to obtain up here I thought I'd buy them whilst I saw them on the shelf,..I have same as Bill except no methylene blue. I did buy also something for white spot as I know we treated a couple of times some fish with it when I was a kid -so just in case.
  9. sunrose217

    I'm New

    Hi Midee This is a great start to fishkeeping,I'm only new too and found that members were very helpful and caring. Hope you find what you are looking for, Anne
  10. Hi Joan Looks like you've been through a bit and they've come a long way. I wish you all the best Joan;- one step at a time,...but if its meant to be they'll be more stronger for it,..well I'm not an expert but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. You sound like a wonderful mum, Anne
  11. Hello Mike Sometimes the girl helps out with the picking up of the eggs and encourages the male to keep going with the nest building,..I have my bettas in 5L bowls(1 in each) and have the bowls touching each other so I have girl/boy/girl/boy;-the potential couple can form a relationship before the girl is put in the jar in the aquarium where you have the male circling for the week and then try releasing the girl,...I am told its best when the couple is a young one. What I am getting at Mike is if the couple can build a relationship long before they get together-they bond quicker and the trust comes in,the male tends to "listen " to the girl if she proves herself good and working with him to achieve the same goal,..:)Anne Its late but I forgot to say Bettarazzi I agree 2 weeks it is said for the female to rest so she can build up her eggs but also the male is partly paralised and weak during the spawn and needs to rest up as he is the one doing most of the work and a lot of them refuse to eat,..you could lose him-I give my male a month to recuperate and I suppose three months after that. If not they can get too weak get sick and fungal infection can set in and at the worst die on you. Anne
  12. Hi Wayne I thought this thread had disappeared as it was in the wrong place by my fault but have found it just now-only just saw your message Wayne,..Okay well the place where we get most of our retic besides Bunnings is Barnyard up here but they got back to us to say they can't get one,..I don't know why so we looked at ebay but was told they are expensive and just today found some at a place called Blackwoods but the guy was at lunch so ,..still nothing yet. We have had a bad week with cleaning and allsorts,.. I have always waited long for anything as I suppose its easier when you are able to make decisions yourself-I seem to be the demanding one so I have to wait,.. :blush:
  13. Sounds good to me Bec - we're pretty limited up this way in the way of choice-shops are bare and people fight over the fresh fish who have just arrived,..the excuse is "there is not much demand,.." but then there is no choice either or anyone who could give you advice to give you inspiration to get into it in the first place,..its a real all round poor situation,.. Anne Hi Lilli Just got home but will have an early night tonight so will catch up tomorrow,.. good evening to all,..Anne
  14. Hi Wayne, Thanks for the reply it was very nice of you. I realised only afterwards I was in the wrong area- but it got a good answer. I promise I won't do it again,..I have T.Catappa leaves-I have two trees just new in our back yard yes, I read about the good benefits-my trees are only young and I feel sorry for them as I wait for the leaves for my tanks,..they are almost bare. We have bore water,pond water and town water-only we have very little chlorine as we live a way out of town. We have asked up here for a carbon filter for the bore but haven't had any luck,.. :)Anne
  15. G'day to everyone, It can be quite confusing we have two Des's,..Thanks Gulp and Bec thats okay I understood,..Des your fish sound like mine girls acting like guys I was sold two females from the pet shop-until I spotted a bubblenest in their aquarium-boy was I confused looking up on Betta behaviour on the net wondering why I had a bubblenest when these were supposed to be females so I took the one being chased out of the tank(only had two in there!(2ftx2ftx1ft)next thing I looked harder at the nest-looked very white-not grey or clear then I was even more confused as the female thing stuck in my brain-that if these were truly female then the eggs would not be fertilised,...there was only one thing to do and we had a family vote and waited a day,..turned out the eggs hatched-unless these fish are like the Barra(change sex-is that possible?..) I know how time consuming this hobby can be but isn't it fun? I give myself pats on the shoulder now and again - you have to-'cos nobody seems to understand this "obsession" (they call it.) I can get very tired staying up sometimes to 1am( and awake to do a days work at the office(well start out with seeing to the fish first thing,..)I guess it can take over but that's the commitment-keeping the tank superclean yet "alive"-not overdoing it then daily changes of water-but no abrupt changes in temp and ph,... I like all my fish to be of one breed in one aquarium. I am slowly introducing the snail thing-golden snails ?-haven't had the courage to put them with my bettas yet as I don't know enough about them,.. or if they can take the same temp as the Bettas during the warmer months up this way-30C? I think there are many types of golden snails(not talking about colours but scientific names-after google searching one day a few months ago,)I also read some snails multiply like mad..So I dug into some old material-one of Dr Herbert Axelrod's mentions a fine snail for aquariums-a large type-I can't fully remember the scientific name but it grows to be a good size,..I don't know if there are any down under-haven't really searched,.. I am only new and learning,.. It can be quite an expensive hobby fishkeeping but fun,.. I have never been on Aquabid-this is new to me Bec are there only Bettas or do they sell Cichlids as well? I wish you all a lovely day, your friend Anne
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