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New Emoticons!


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I have been drawing aquarium specific emoticons for everyone to use as I thought an aquarium forum should have some just for fun! There is more to come as i create them, suggestions are welcome!

You can access these emoticons via the emoticons menu by selecting "show all" they will be at the very end!

Or by typing the tag (no spaces)

:halfmoon: : halfmoon :

:plakat: : plakat :
:HMplakat: : hmplakat :

You may alter them for your own signature or avatar (say you wanted a red halfmoon)
Please do not redistribute these emoticons or derivatives elsewhere.

<3 Nef

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I've made a few emoticons over the years, the face ones were meant to be for a SIM game I worked on a while ago, never happened though.I also just modded some of my previous pixel work... Feel free to use these around THIS forum only.. or upload them for use here. Up to you guys.


ETA; I used to do custom work for a few bucks each... you can PM me if interested.. :D

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:veiltail: : veiltail :


also Michael requested a new favicon that wasnt a delta tail, its the little icon that sits next to the address bar or on the browser tab

So we have


which do we like better, you can preview it by opening pic in new tab it should display on the tab (it does for firefox anyway)

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