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  1. lol missed the thread update some how buuut that male you have for me looks wicked thanks mate you will have to lemme know when you have the line of those copper red's goin and ready to sell me a pair. that male copper/red is stunning :D
  2. lol I plan to spawn the crowntails end of next week if they look good and conditioned then the salamanders a week or two after that My spawn tanks have already been chosen, and their none that are on that stand lol, did i mention i already had tanks before that stand? my total tank count is now up to 23 x 2foot, 2 x 3 foot, 1 x 4 foot, 1 x 4 bay barracks and 2 x 25L tanks.. and i want at least another 18 25L tanks another 3-4 x 4 bay barracks and also have my beanie case project that was put on hold for the stand, which will hold 200 lmao I got it all figured out (yes you may call me crazy
  3. Lol thanks guys, its good to see some fish in the tanks after seeing them empty Quality fish are always a must ;)
  4. Yer mate, I'm not usually into crowntails but this pair (and yours) caught my eye Stunning little fish (they are tiny lol) and the females already showing great bars :D
  5. FINALLY! I can buy fish My 1st pair from someone I received today, their already settling in well. They are the best pics i could take sorry (i'm not very good at photography lol) AND I put a pair on hold tonight, ready to be paid for tomorrow
  6. lol i'm gonna use every one of them as grow outs. I want another 20 or so smaller tanks for breeding and i'm gonna build a barracks with beanie cases for holding them when they grown out a bit i would take more pics of my terror (named dexter) but i'm forever fighting algae bloom in his tank so it never looks too great I have to add my red terror is only just over a year old (bout 16 mnths) so i plan on upgrading him to a 6 foot tank (4 foot prob would be fine.. but mabe a little restricting for a species of his size fully grown)
  7. Lilly- I am interested in a fair few species of fish (the list continually grows lol) My display pic is my red terror in my 4 foot tank (this picture was taken a while ago, he grown alot since) in the lounge room. He works as my fry culling machine and i have always kept at least 1 carnivorous fish, i love the size and aggression. but that particular room is planned to be a dedicated Betta room Busman- yer the floor in there will support the weight.. i wouldnt attempt it in any other room though.. its been a room that has been built on with a cement slab as the foundation :)
  8. ok i took pics to help explain.. I have tubeing along the back (hard to take pics of cuz i did a damn good job lol) that feeds airlines into each tank.. i got those air operated sponge filters and an air pump (pictured below sorry for bad quality but only have my video cam to take pics) that runs the whole lot.. i will still need to siphon the bottoms and do w/c but still not too bad. I do have lids for what i can guess to be all the tanks too.. I cant wait to start filling them ;)
  9. LOL Shh don't tell her that lol, I have told her that the room is just step one.. step two is building in downstairs and step three is building a shed down the back on a cement slab that's already there but here are some pics And the tank by beautiful (but apparently a little insane ) girlfriend got me
  10. lol she understands my love for the hobby and supports me she's definately a real gem.. besides she actually hasn't really got an interest in fish but still willing to drive 2.5 hours to brissy and back for the betta australis meeting lol <3 i can say i found the perfect girl :D
  11. lol thanks les it be all ready to christen now! (I dont drink tho haha) I've got all the lights screwed in, all the boards on and all of the tanks sitting in their appropriate spot (except 1 or 2, ran out of foam for under neath the tanks lol). My beautiful girlfriend went out and surprised me with a 4 bay fighter tank with heater and sponge filter in the back GOD I LOVE HER lol. I've gotta drop my lil man to his friends and then i'll take some pics and upload them :dance:
  12. Thanks its starting to take shape now :D
  13. lmao the other half of the views would be me, i was agonizing over them too, which is quite a big deal cuz i'm fussy AND not all that into crowntails.. but that pair.. lol tried to find as many faults as i could to talk myself outa wanting them to no avail lol, awesome buy mate they look even better in the still pictures :D
  14. ok it's almost setup now. just gotta get the light fixtures back on and the boards.. but its coming along nicely now I changed my mind about blacking out the windows at the back.. instead i'm just gonna go with curtains lol
  15. haha you were quick.. had my eye on em from the youtube channel but they were on hold the next morning when i was sure i had the cash haha.. nice pair mate :)
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