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  1. Annubias is pretty much betta keepers favourite plants. Can't imagine tanks without them nowdays
  2. lodo

    endlers in aus

    I feel this is a similar topic to that with wild bettas. I feel that unless you bought your endlers as a wild strain, you shouldn't try to label them as such. Label them as aquarium strain. Or just as the colour pattern they are. Again just my view, prefer to keep things correct rather than guessing.
  3. Mr vice president should have the most I feel...
  4. lodo

    Water PH

    Everyone is asking about substrate. What rocks are in your tank? That picture makes me feel the rocks are raising your ph
  5. Your all so mean. We aren't that crazy fish people....
  6. If you want big fish you can look at some locally bred unimac complex fish. There's a few hobbyists breeding and selling some stunning fish for cheap prices
  7. If youve never kept wilds before I'd suggest starting on a different species. For the price Macs are, it would be very sad to see anything happen to them. There are some species very similar but much lower price tag where you can learn from any mistakes. My first wilds were betta Unimaculata. We bought 5. Put them in a tank, cling wrapped the whole thing, then put cover glass on. The next morning we found two dried up on the ground. Found they had jumped onto a ledge, crawled along some glass, and then out of the tank.
  8. Welcome aboard. Our resident adelaideian In BT will surely be able to help you out and corrupt you where possible ;)
  9. lodo

    Yo im new :)

    Welcome Liam. You mention too many tank syndrome. How many tanks have you got and what's in them all? Also so you know, no such thing as too many tanks.
  10. Quick tip, most lights with blue lights are designed for marine so the Kelvin rating is much higher than you would generally have if you were growing plants. If no plants, to my knowledge it won't make much difference. We aim got 800k to 10000k for all our tanks, and on for 8 hours a day with an hour break in the middle
  11. If you speak to Leslie dear on Facebook his planning to become an accredited guppy judge so he may be good to answer your questions.
  12. Is this another place we aren't allowed to use any form of logic?
  13. lodo

    Hello :)

    Welcome! I'm sure Brenton is over the moon having someone else from SA on here. We all love seeing fish pictures, so don't hesitate to post any. And if you want to breed there is heaps of info in peoples spawn logs.
  14. To get the ph down to roughly 6.8-7 I would do a 250-50% change and make up an ial tea and pour that in.
  15. lodo

    endlers in aus

    Kangakoi I think your missing the point of this topic, the question was who is keeping what strains/species. If it's possible to compile a general list of people keeping wild bettas, I'm sure it's possible to do the same with pure endlers, even if not your prized stock. Even with that I'm sure people would sell fry from their best lines, as members have posted in the past what they keep.
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