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  1. No I wasn't kidding, the forum wouldn't post the photos. Lemme try again. This is Ness cheering the winner of the auction. This is Ness performing Shakespeare's Hamlet for Vic Betta's members in attendance.
  2. Keesha will be fine with your dalmatians but she's old and arthritic so if the young pups jump around too much she'll keep away from them. I'd probably want to buy activated charcoal things to put in my tank.
  3. I was reading this book and the family name kept popping up several times. I didn't realise it was Celtic or Scottish until I saw it in that context. http://www.amazon.com/Highland-Knife-Fighting-With-Sgian/dp/1581605668
  4. She knows things. http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=15124&view=findpost&p=170270 But anyway, hopefully a few of the betta barracks people here will be able to give you some advice on how they maintain their barracks.
  5. oh, and Joan recommends not feeding them bloodworms cos of their shell which are difficult to digest. Joan is a guru with these things. You really should come to the Vic Betta meets, you'll meet other betta people and learn a bunch of stuff. There's time to book a flight with Jetstar to come to the meet this Sunday.
  6. I would've thought the 1mm pellet was roughly the size of their eyeball? I dunno. I have tried to feed them bloodworms before but I have seen the bettas slurp up an entire bloodworm which scared me because it was huge. One of my bettas once swallowed an entire cucumber seed. That was another huge one and I thought it was going to die but it was totally fine.
  7. I don't know what the others do but I feed my betta tiny 1mm Spectrum pellets, just one pellet each meal time. I'm hazarding a guess but the tiny 1mm pellets are about the size of his little stomach so I don't try and give him anymore than that each time (although I've seen him eat a lot more than that). He sees when I'm feeding the other fish with flakes so he'll come up to me and I'll drop the little pellet in front of him and he'll gobble it up. So if all I had was the betta in the tank, there'd be no messy flakes floating around and settling on the bottom.
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