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  1. Hi Michael,

    Re your wilds

    Sounds good, better tell me $$ first LOL



  2. RIP runt,,21/9/11- 1/7/13

    1. forever_and_a_day


      oh dear :'( that beautiful giant MG is gone?

  3. Hi.

    What would it take for you to ship to Melb.?

    I have wanted this Betta for so long..If you need something to ship them in I am willing to send suitable shipping boxes.

    Please call me 0447 474 663..

    Thanks Roy

  4. A giant dragon girl, won her in a raffle donated by Ness.. This is the runt boy from my spawn 14 months ago. he was laying on the bottom of the spawn tank so I raised him separately.
  5. I won 5 shrimp in a raffle at Vic Betta. Put them in the 20l tank with a male betta. Moss, stones and a branch with a sponge filter/heater Must have 20 or so now..he ignores them.
  6. The water only has to drip feed into the barracks, and that flow is constant. If the water dripping/ flowing into the barracks is strong, will create a current and will make it uncomfortable for the Betta. You can dampen the current with java fern in the barracks.but better to have a slow constant feed. "I want to restrict the flow via a hose clamp if necessary" An inline flow adjuster would be better...same as used for air pumps ( non variable) to restrict air flow.
  7. Hi Welcome to the forum. As you pointed out a high water flow will create problems. Some of the smaller pumps have an adjustable intake which varies the output. The primary consideration is head flow height. minimum for this setup is 0.5m Member Zui has a setup I think maybe similar to yours for sale: Ask him what pump is in his system...before it sells. http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=14202&pid=162088&st=0&#entry162088 Bunnings / Ebay. then LFS Cheers good luck Roy
  8. Lost spawn and a female..not happy

    1. forever_and_a_day


      that's gotta hurt D: was it the female's spawn you lost?

    2. somchai2500


      Different girl only had her a month

    3. forever_and_a_day
  9. Hi Simon. Tomorrow night the 26th in Clifton is the Aquarium society of Vic meeting. some of the Vic Betta members should be there. I will be. http://www.asofv.com.au/ if you can make it.. will be good to see you. Roy :halfmoon:
  10. Here is 2 methods I have used http://www.flickr.com/photos/69609132@N07/7567367324 http://www.flickr.com/photos/69609132@N07/7567364644 This one ended up having14 bays in a 600 x 300 x 300 I lifted the beanie box and the gunk fell through, and hour later I would syphon the gunk out and replace water. http://www.flickr.com/photos/69609132@N07/7567372684
  11. So Sorry Ness.. I will try to remember your birthday on time and not go off to Thailand enjoying myself. :P
  12. Hi Paul. They look very healthy.A days fasting helps. I am in Thailand for a week or so in 3 weeks. Back about 7/7 Trying to arrange a farm visit, for a few hours. Please put my on the list as a buyer thanks Roy
  13. Envious..Great looking fish. Are you keeping a spawn log on these? I am moving into wilds and only breeding 1 HM spawn a year (Sept-Oct). If you decide to sell some pairs please keep me in mind. Roy
  14. I like the form on them. Ensure that the Betta will not rip the fins or get caught on/in the smaller branches. Have done similar, but removed them because of fins being torn. If the moss covers most of the ends you should be fine. More photos the Betta.. :halfmoon:
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