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The Veil Tail Appreciation Thread


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I love VT's and I know some of you out there do too ;)

I dare say the first Bettas people owned were VT's and they tickled your fancy enough to buy them, so lets see them :D

This was "Snuffy" my daughters VT (secretly he was mine) and he was divine. He lived for about 3 years.



I STILL To this day dunno what this was :) But has to go in here anyway as a fav!


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May I? ;) I know I rave about my plakats, but I'm a sucker for a good VT :D Some of my favourite colours seem to only show up in VT and PK these days.


This was Gabriel. He was owned by Lilli, but I borrowed him for a project we were working on and got a lovely spawn :)


This was Ricky. Even several years on I think his colour holds up pretty well. And look, no metallic! (he was my oldest, I think he lived to just past 3)


I'm not really sure if I named this guy or not, but he was very nice. I bred him with an yellow spotted HM female and most miserably ended up with a pile of cambodian offspring. They weren't even very good cambodians :)

I'm sure I have more photos somewhere, I just have to get around to uploading them :)

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This is the one that started it all for me ERIC :) He's an awesome 'little' guy - and not so little (He's HUGE compared to all the others - in body size)


this was when he was just new... and before he chewed his tail! His fins don't look nearly as long or 'full' now...



I'm currently looking at breeding him with Shark-bait.


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My very first VT, Pepsi (named after the drink because he was exactly the same vibrant blue & red as the can of drink), started my obssession with them. Now, he lived in a little tank from the LFS with no filter & NO HEATER(!), & would you believe he lived for 5 & a half years! No word of a lie. I got him before I was pregnant with my first child & he passed away when my son was 4 & a half. I was starting to think he'd never go! lol He was a great fish! The best personaility ever!

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