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  1. Thanks guys. Don't worry Michael, my kids rarely get called by their actual names. I'm a bit of a shocker for pet names & they each have more than one. lol
  2. Wow. Just trying to find my way around the new layout. Show how long I haven't been on for! lol

    1. Sarah


      Welcome back then! :)

    2. bubbzy81


      Oh why thank you. :)

  3. Sorry I haven't been on for a while everyone. Life with 3 kids has been busy, busy, busy & I've had a few other major hurdles along the way..... Let's just say that besides having the baby, I don't think 2010 is my year! So I still owe you all a name. We named him "Jack Ryan". I wanted him to be Ryan, but Rob wanted to name him after his grandfather, Jack. So needless to say I lost & the poor little mite didn't have a name for the first 3 weeks because I just couldn't get my head around not calling him Ryan. I hope everyone has been well & when I get more than a few spare minutes, I'll work on getting some photos up. xoxo
  4. Thanks everyone. He's an angel. Now to get used to life with 3 kids..... Yikes! & Lisa believe it or not, he's not my biggest. My daughter was 4.64kgs (10lb 5oz)! I grow em nice & big! lol
  5. I am thrilled to announce the newest addition to our family, a beautiful, healthy baby boy yet to be named. He arrived on the 17th of June weighing a whopping 4.575kgs (or just over 10lbs in the old scale). We couldn't be happier! Once I get settled in a little better I will add some photos.
  6. Happy Birthday love! Sounds like you've had a lovely day. xoxo
  7. I've always found that elodea has never done well in my heated tanks.
  8. We don't tend to hold one during the colder months. It's just too cold for the fish.
  9. You're right Lisa. Shemma's house is literally only a couple of minutes away from Fountain Gate & there's probably a pretty good chance it's one of his fish.
  10. I've used lead fishing sinkers to weight down plants before & never had a problem. I still have some in the tank with my breeding BN & they don't seem to have caused any issues.
  11. I wouldn't stress. Most of my fellas had no bubblenest (or a poor excuse for one), but that certainly never stopped them from spawning. They just made it up as they went along.
  12. bubbzy81

    Corydora Eggs

    Jess I don't think the baby cory's survived being left on that table in the direct sunlight. Too bright & too hot.
  13. I'd put an air stone or something like that along the back wall. I always think a curtain of air bubbles looks good.
  14. My guess would be combtail.
  15. Oh Mitch, I'm really sorry to hear that. I was kind of hoping I was wrong. Also google "malawi bloat". I was told it has similar symptoms as dropsy, but other people say it's just another name for dropsy. You may get some better ideas for treatment that way before you think about euthanising him. Good luck!
  16. I can't give any definite diagnosis, but when you say the scales ares sometimes at a 90degree angle that straight away makes me think of dropsy. Would you say it looks like a pine cone? Google it & see what you think, but if it is dropsy, it's near impossible to cure. Here's a link to one of my CT's who died as a result of dropsy. There's a couple of photos there.dropsy
  17. bubbzy81

    Hello :)

    First of all welcome! Secondly there are products you can use to help cycle the tank. My LFS has a product they sell called "Bio Boost" or there is an actual product called "Cycle" that most LFS's stock.
  18. I have to say I had an awesome day. Great weather, fantastic food, excellent company..... A HUGE thank you to Shemma & his lovely wife Layla for being such wonderful hosts. Shemma, your fish are AMAZING! You should be very proud. It was also lovely to catch up with people, meet some new friends & put some faces to names - I hope Lisa & Mike had a nice time & arrived home safely. Jess well done on the photos. They were great. & if you makes you feel any better, Nina got very sunburnt too! Looking forward to the next meet!
  19. Bettarazzi MAY have some spare beanie boxes, that way all you have to do is bag your fish to get them there. You'd have to ask him very nicely! lol
  20. I don't like your chances for public tansport out to Avalon. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Although I've looked on their website & they say there is a shuttle bus from Southern Cross Station to Avalon but you'd want to check the times & prices of that one. Here's their website: http://www.sitacoaches.com.au/avalon/
  21. Not to be crude, but they look like little sperms with eyes. They should be hanging tails down & if you watch really closely, you might see one dart out & go back again or dad should collect it & put it back.
  22. Oh I can't wait! Lisa I would recommend Coburg Aquarium or their sister store near the Queen Vic Markets which I can never remember the name of. Stefan would know where I'm talking about. & you could always kill time with a stroll around the markets too. Hang on, I think Joan answered my question in her reply. :D
  23. I'll be there. I won't have any fish but maybe some MW. I will also be looking at getting rid of a lot of my tanks & equipment but I'll make a seperate post about what's available when I finally go through it all!
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