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Firefly: Changes Again! (18 July)


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This guy was the other one I got in Narrabri... I think they may be related... anyway.

He is like white but with a yellow/green irrid that just glows in any light, he's gorgeous...

I had to take heaps of pics coz he keeps changing and he's a speedy little guy when he's worked up!

1st Pic after bringing him home...


The markings on his head he's actually LOST in the past few weeks... I didn't really notice how much til I took these pics tonite!





to be continued

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OK I thought I'd update pics to show you how he's changed, I just put him into the spawn tank so I can breed him with one of my copper girlies *drools at colour prospects*

Now before I put him into the tank he looked pretty similar to the pics before... but have a look at how he's changed in different light and surroundings :P

Also note the markings on his head are nearly all gone!





enjoy :P the pics make it look more greenish but to me its's a gorgeous bluey/green colour :P

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OMG I hope he's finally found a body colour that reflects how he really feels inside. Seriously though that's a lot of changes for 1 fish! If you get any of his fry to survive and they do it to you could sell them as 'Hypercolour' fish or 'chameleon fish' lol.

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