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  1. I float by every now and then just to make sure you haven't severed a finger lol.
  2. Nice work there. Nice handyman skills! Hope it all progresses well for you.
  3. lol to busy with kids to have fish :dontknow:

  4. Whats up woman!? How you been? Congrats on all the kidlets :D

  5. Whats up woman!? How you been? Congrats on all the kidlets :D

  6. Did you get this all sorted out? The new house should have taps coming into the fish room and a draining pipe to go outside lol. You could even hook the setup to a water tank! I tell you what if I ever got back into bettas I would be trying to make everything automated! How much stuff did you throw out? Thats one good thing with renting and moving every couple of years, you get to de-clutter!
  7. Wow, its like a family member gone, although my particpation has been pretty bad for the last year or so. At least the forum is in good hands.... I think, lol :D
  8. Thank you Sarah!

    Wow its been a year already!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! :)

  10. This most likely correct. Although if it is one its not native but a PNG fish.
  11. A smaller one would be better. I had one that could fit almost 2x 2foot tanks... but only had one on each shelf. Having them in the middle of such a large shelf made them bow. If it was a smaller shelf that was suited more to the size of the tank it would have done better. The way I had it was like putting a 60kg rock in the middle of a shelf and it didnt distribute the weight correctly. Now its a kids toy shelf lol. Now basking in the glory of appreication from my wife who has a storage spot for the kids...."sure... yeah... thats what i bought it for" lol I meant storage spot for toys not
  12. Not sure if you bought but if you go hammerlock dont go too long or too wide try and keep them as close to the size of tanks if possible. You dont have to replace the board, just get some thick lino or contact and cover them before use. I went and bought $180 unit, pallet racking. Got sick of the other stuff like hammerlock. It always worried me. I bought the big $130 unit from officeworks for 2ft tanks... it sorta bowed in the middle.
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