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  1. I float by every now and then just to make sure you haven't severed a finger lol.
  2. Nice work there. Nice handyman skills! Hope it all progresses well for you.
  3. lol to busy with kids to have fish :dontknow:

  4. Whats up woman!? How you been? Congrats on all the kidlets :D

  5. Whats up woman!? How you been? Congrats on all the kidlets :D

  6. Did you get this all sorted out? The new house should have taps coming into the fish room and a draining pipe to go outside lol. You could even hook the setup to a water tank! I tell you what if I ever got back into bettas I would be trying to make everything automated! How much stuff did you throw out? Thats one good thing with renting and moving every couple of years, you get to de-clutter!
  7. Wow, its like a family member gone, although my particpation has been pretty bad for the last year or so. At least the forum is in good hands.... I think, lol :D
  8. Thank you Sarah!

    Wow its been a year already!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! :)

  10. Its funny I always thought the rarer the fish, the more expensive.... but this fish that is Critically Endanagered compared to a Macrostoma which classed as vunerable is far cheaper.
  11. Good to hear that you have some fry with straight backs! dont give up on the others. As I mentioned in another forum, some PNG blue eyes get bent backs and after a little while of good food and care they become straight. Good luck with the new Macs, must now be quite and investment for you! Have you got any plans for summer? I have heard if the water isnt cool enough they die off?
  12. Found a blog which was interesting http://tuckfai.blogspot.com/2008_12_01_archive.html check out other days for more wild betta photos.
  13. Good idea about taking some out... at least if the father goes nuts at least you will have some in another tank. Congratulations btw, I saw macs at a LFS for $350!
  14. Yeah but you didnt get all angles! lol
  15. Fish are going good Razzi, keep up to good work. I think there going to turn out great!
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