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  1. Damo was a little to full of faith that the shelves would fit perfectly in the laundry. He didn't allow for the fact that we have very low ceilings, so the shelves are getting adjusted slightly... Photos will be on their way! Oh and the commercial, once its finished being made... production guys better hurry!
  2. Its very sad indeed!! Damo said brand new 3 foot, its a 4 foot. And he is now set for his birthday, fathers day and also paid for appering in a commercial for me today. And he also has to find somewhere for me to store 'all that stuff' that we need in the laundry, you know like the washing powder and washing baskets that kinda stuff.... It's actually kinda overwhelming, now we have to stock them (shame about that hey!) so many tanks......
  3. Well, hmm foresight is not one of Damo's attributes, gotta love him anyway. THis particular tank used to be the home of a golden perch a long time ago, when he outgrew the tank he got a new home with the department of fisheries, has been their display golden perch for 10 years now... Windyzz, the fish with the purple and red spots is a native fish called 'Northern Purple spotted gudgeon' (the southern ones are an endangered species, if you find one let us know and we'll buy it!). Not recommended to go in with anything that will fit into its mouth, as they will eat it. Also is known to bea
  4. I missed it too!! Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it was/is a good one!
  5. looks like a lump. Hmm if thats the case i think oscar may be a girl..... (Oscars at least 2 years old now, no lump, nice and smooth)
  6. Im not sure that she is, my LFS run of the mill girls don't have that much structure....
  7. Ive got the same thing! Dont know what it is but would like to!
  8. Ok we have fish!!! After nearly 3 weeks of letting the water all balance out we now have; our female bettas, 4 male guppy's and 7 female guppy's, a bristlenose and a peppered catfish (LFS gave him to us for free, he goes nuts!), about 40 odd shrimp from the channel and this little guy! Meet Buzz he is so adorable and once they come up on our lfs list again we will order him a few friends so he doesn't get lonely. I love watching him go from leaf to leaf, then onto the rocks and then over to the driftwood, and then run away because he saw me there looking at him!!! Then he wi
  9. mwhahaha, sorry. That pairing should turn out some lovely little guys and girls...
  10. Too bad oscars have to be so difficult and we cant just look at them and go "yep thats a girl and that ones a boy" grrrr would make it soo much easier to breed. Not that i am going to do it, i don't have anymore powerpoints left in my house!! and i have way tooo many powerboards around.. Hmm wonder if the landlord would put some more points in..... He was silly enough to agree to pay the water bills :D
  11. I'll be one!!!!!! Come on Cass, go for it, look at the preety tanks that you could gain...... :D
  12. I can't believe that you can get 10cm ones for $10!! Thats not fair!! here the 4cm ones start at like $9 and any bigger just get soo much more expensive. But one of the pet shops here has little black and white tiger oscars atm they are the most georgeous little things!! I wish i could go and buy them all!! But we don't have the money or the tanks... What sort are you looking at?? Have you got spots in the tanks that they can all claim as theres?
  13. wow those boys will look great in there! now you just have to decide weather or not to card them! :D
  14. Hmm, i think Bumblebees will be moving from the possibly list to the definately list...
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