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  1. WOW They are some really good looking fish If you sell any let me know I am just near you in Regent Nic :)
  2. I love it ...... the placement and balance is really spot on IMO Anyway less is more Can you peel the backing panel off and re-apply cause those air bubbles are going to really annoy you? more updated pics please
  3. Again ...well done You must have the right recipe goin on because it seems to be working really well.
  4. :P WELL DONE!! How many do you think you have at the moment? They look really good you must be chuffed. Wish I lived in QLD...grumble grumble Nic :fish:
  5. Hey Michael Don't spose you have have a nice green girly fitting the above description FS do you? You see my other half recently made a new purchase 4 his XBOX (Call of Duty 4) which means technically I can go fish shopping again I've got two spawning tanks on the go and everthing else I need....except I don't have a girl without red and I really would like to spawn this boy. cheers Nic :fish:
  6. Very pretty fish .... you should be very proud I can imagine it would be very hard not to look at them....I would get distracted by them constantly...SOOOOO Cute!
  7. he actually looks like he's made of gold AMAZING I have to force myself not to look at live auctions on Aquabid.....I really don't trust myself......especially when there is nothing between my mouse and that virtual Aquabid button
  8. UM ...WOW Pretty goodlooking fish you have there!!! SO are you plannning to spawn a whole lot at once or a few at a time I've often wondered whether it's like the theory that having children rule where after the 3rd or 4th one it becomes easier because when you do something once you just repeat it quickly another 3 times and they start entertaining and looking out for each other. I could'nt verify this at all considering as I only have two kids and 0 spawns as yet.
  9. I just love that colour!! I love pastels full stop And he has very pretty eyes too The babies should be georgeous
  10. well done That's pretty amazing Best of luck with the fry raising period....they must be tough little buggers though!!
  11. I would be in for a melbourne delivery....with bells on actually especially for greens and pastels Nic
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