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  1. =O i did EXACTLY the same thing when i was a bit younger... the exact same plastic shell-shaped pond as well! only ours had 2 goldfish and these wild guppies that died.... =( i must say you did a much greater job than me. yours is beautiful! seeing all those little bettas swimming around the place =)
  2. Hey fishkeepers/fishies! I already own a 20L heated, planted, filtered aquarium with a single male betta. My younger brother has a short, wide (its longer one way than it is wide) octagonal aquarium that holds around 11L from a few years back when he (unsuccessfully) kept a few goldfish in there (poor things - we didn't know any better though). Anyway, i was thinking of helping him set up a nice little aquarium using the tank. What fish, if any, could i keep in such a small setup (other than a fighter)? Preferably something simple and affordable..
  3. Hey i know how it feels to be broke... being 15 and jobless as well lol. 2.5 gallons isnt the BEST size for a betta tank, but they'll certainly survive in there until you can afford to get them a new tank. Whats more important is that their water is kept at a nice warm, constant temperature. Your bettas (in your pic) look nice and healthy anyway. Live plants are great to add to your tank, they look great, and help to absorb waste in the water (helps the filter!) Something that doesnt require much light would be a good idea. Back in my bettas fishbowl days i got him an anubias (i think t
  4. thanks a heap! i did what u said a few days ago.... and i swear the new bunch has grown an inch already.... well maybe not that much... but a cm maybe? =P i dont hav plant anchors tho.... i just used a small rubber band wrapped around the bottom... would that be alright? thanks again.
  5. Hey all. I was just wondering... Would anybody here be able to help me out with this plant? I'm not sure what sort of plant it is, although ive seen it loads of times at LFS etc (i got it form the wild a few weeks ago) and its grown really quickly... I've been dosing my tank with this stuff called Plant Food once a week. Anyone know how i should go about trimming it, i'm wanting it to grown more in a cluster than the huge long thing across my tank i have now. (oh and just in case it's the dark green one that dominates it at the moment =P) Also, what would be some good ideas for other
  6. WHOA!!!!!!! what a loverly tank. I love what you did with all the plants.... *envies*
  7. looks like we have a fishy with identity crisis on our hands....
  8. mat92


    Hey! welcome to the forums.... Another Mat with one 't'... i thought i was the only one lol. Anyways... hope you enjoy ur new betta and have fun! good luck (the other Mat =P)
  9. wow stunner is.... stunning. hes easily one of the most beautiful bettas i've ever seen! The white and black looks sooo cool. *tries to steal* hehehe
  10. hey everyone I got a betta a few days ago and want to find out all i can about them theres my little vincey!!!!
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