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hi all


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hello im a newbie to this forum an to owning fish i found this forum from another member

i will be buying 5male bettas an 1 female soon an i thought i would come on here to see if i can find some online and see how other ppl look after an maintain these fish

a little bit of info about me im Steven aka divy well every one calls me divy so thats why its my forum name;)

i own 6 motorbikes so i am a self confessed petrolhead lol my they range from yamaha yz's to pitbikes an even a classic 1975 honda

im 22 and i guess you can tell from my name im male

anyways enough about me i look forward to reading all your posts an information here


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Hey Steven, Welcome to the forums!

Are you interested in breeding or will you have these guys just as pets? Look into what kind of bettas you want (tail types and colours) and im sure someone around here should be able to help. There is always AquaBid but importing fish can be quite costly.

Haha, i used to have a YZ50 and a YZ125 once, now i just have two postie bikes (CR110 i think they are) great fun, sometimes lol.

Good luck with the fish, see you in the threads.


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yeah the postie bikes are good ol fun

i will have them as pets but i might have a go at breeding

ive decided to get 1 male crown tail, 1 male superdelta(i think thats the name), 3 male halfmoons and 1 female halfmoon

as for colours i have no idea im new to these fish so i dont no the colours you can get an the names of the colours which will make it hard to buy from sellers

but i like the mustard gas colour and pinappple colour the butterfly types are really nice looking too

so if anyone knows any online shops in australia that sell bettas an have the colours that they have on the site please give me the link

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Hi there Divy. Jodi-Lea has some nice ones at the moment. Have a look in the Classifieds forum. Yeah... you'll find a lot of petrolheads here. They can go on and on about it for ages. Oh, I'm not one of them, just in case anyone was confused :)

Welcome to the forum.


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Hey Divy, welcome to the forum

where bouts are you from?

Mustard Gas and Pineapples are good choices. I'm kinda a fan of MG's tho I think I've ever only owned 1 in my life. Yeah someone (AKA someone) imports bettas and usually has quite a few. check out the classifieds and then send her an email asking her what colours she has a vail and in what tail types. She usually has her hands on some pretty impressive bettas :)

Have fun looking around on here :)

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thanks all for the nice welcome an info

i have everything setup and ready for my bettas except im still trying to find away of heating my tanks

i have emailed someone aka someone about the types an colours i would like

i would like to get

a pure orange hm, royal blue bf hm, pineapple ct, purple red ct, salamander bf hm and a female hm

so hopefully soon i should get a reply to see if she has them

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