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Hi Joe!

Bren MacFish

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He buys red CTs!

Yes, new member Joe came and saved me from my red beauties.

Joe wants to learn about breeding bettas and controlling nitrites/trates in his community tank.

Here's the link to the thread I started about using the potting mix substrate, Joe:


and a link to auatic plant central's El Naturale section where more people are trying to create soil based aquariums: http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/el-natural

And here's a link to the Boronia forum where the Melbourne folk buy and sell used gear:


Joe took the two remaining double double rays so see him in the future for some nice red ddr CTs.

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howdy everyone! as the new adds in the family have just arrived yesterday, i guess they will takea short while to settle in. meanwhile i will keep the welathy feeding habits they are used to , so that they are always conditioned too! :thumbs: will get tanks set up for the forthcoming weekend and start picking the pairs :cheer: at the moment i am hoping to get more experienced into the hobby itself as a start, and since i am keeping the line to itself ( i should be able to get a few breeds hopefully, F8 they say right? well if i get up to f5 i am more than happy already! i will worry more ab out the genes and traits passing over a bit later as i guess those will come in easier once i a m past the breeding n raising bit! cheers for ya'll

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