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  1. Welcome to the forum Linsz :welcome:
  2. Great It's a 3 foot tank so either way it's 3 days. I didn't use any turps or metho as I only put glue on the back. I cut it to a nice fit so it should be OK. ( a hacksaw or just a hacksaw blade is great for cutting styrofoam) Cycling shouldn't be a big deal. I'll be adding gravel and wood from a cycled tank and I've had the media from the internal filter sitting in another tank for the last fortnight. I'm just waiting on some driftwood that's in the post. I've stocked up on plants from a plant swap in Brisbane and bought some nice moss and HC from Kitz so I might start planting out
  3. I've siliconed in some styrofoam background into a tank and am wondering at what point will it be safe? I've waited the obligatory '7 days' for the silicone to cure. Now I've filled the tank and am planning to let it sit for 24 hours then emptying it and refilling. I don't want to waste water filling it and emptying it repeatedly so is this enough? I won't be adding fish immediately. The tank may sit there for a week before I put any fish in. If it all goes pear-shaped then I always have toxivec to hand. Suggestions?
  4. Hi Marianne, I've heard that C. pygmaeus actually tend to swim mid-water a lot. I'm hoping to get some soon so I might be able to tell you from experience then Mythic might be able to confirm this? Pepper corys will grow larger than others like C. panda and C. julii. A couple of other dwarf species that are available are C. hastatus and C. habrosus. Personally I have a soft spot for julii's as I love their markings. I don't know much about cichlids but there may be some small bottom dwellers that may be appropriate? Possibly some Central American ones? When are you going to have so
  5. canary

    Hi from brissi

    Welcome to the forum Dash :notsure:
  6. :cheer: Nice one! When I read 'wiggly things' I had a feeling the word 'fry' was going to feature before the end of the post. Congratulations on the birthing :fish:
  7. Sympathies. Electricity is fun isn't it I was putting a car battery in once and while tightening one terminal the other end of the spanner hit the other terminal. Duh! Best one was when I unplugged a strobe light one day. Hadn't occured to me that the capacitor stores quite a lot of electricity and my finger happened to hit both pins. Ouch No mishaps with tanks yet (touch wood). Might have to learn a lesson from you Leanne and turn off the power from now on.
  8. LOL They are fast aren't they! They seem so quiet and docile, until you need to catch them. My julii spawned last week. They were spawning for something like 5 hours and after it all I couldn't see a single egg. Too much java moss, hair grass, val and hollow logs I'd love to get some babies but I think being a community tank something would have picked any eggs or fry off.
  9. If you have a breeding net/cage doodad you could put the eggs in there. Try and stick them to the sides and place them in a current. Also try not to expose the eggs to the air when you are moving them around. Just what I've read. Good luck :D
  10. Just to throw something else into the mix Plants at the back of the tank could be kept in pots. You could get quite creative in terms of what you use for pots and in disguising them (provided everything is fish safe of course). Haven't done it myself. Maybe someone else has? It might be fun in the flexibility it gives you to rearrange your layout at a whim.
  11. Looking good : I spent a day working on sides and door for a cabinet. Kept me amused and happy even though no-one else could see why I was going to all the trouble! I'll have to post a photo sometime. My first thought, when you said the size wasn't quite right, was that you could screw another board on top. I think you could put a top on to overhang say an inch and a half either side and to the front with no problems. Seems like you got it all sorted and are happy though. Good on you for recycling. Have fun. (
  12. canary


    Welcome Kate (
  13. Hi Scott Do you sell any cory that you breed?
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