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Happy Birthday Jess

Robbies Betta

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Thanks Guys :cheer: :cheer:

I went away for the weekend and ended up a bit hungover and I was in bed by 6pm last night!!

Guess you want to know what I got for my birthday? about a week or so ago I got a 150kg hammerlock shelving unit for the fish :P

It was painted black (looks sooo much better) and then tanks placed on it.

This was taken the day it was put together:

Posted Image

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Top tank is a community tank (Pair of Kribs, guppy and molly fry, kuhli loaches) 2nd Tank: Pair of Blue Rams (going to be an Orinocco Basin Biotype) 3rd tank down: 20 Whiteclouds 4th tank down: B. channoides and B. coccina tank. Should get myself together and post up about it :D

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