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  1. A safe way to cycle a tank is to use the product CYCLE. It will add ammonia to the tank plus the other bacteria to establish your filter. We fully cycled 10 2 foot tanks with a sump and goldfish in six weeks using cycle. The livebearers' bank took about 7-8 weeks and was the same size and was understocked.
  2. To do a soil-less culture you need the following: * container with a fitted lid * a sheet of polyester batting or filter material or a soapless scrub pad for the bottom of the container to create at least 2-3 layers. * cover this with 2-3 layers of plastic needle point. * opaque plastic to cover the food From there you add enough water to cover the bottom layer, food and worms are added to the plastic needle point. Feed as normal but do water changes every month or so. Food still needs to be moisten and moldy food removed. To harvest rinse worms from plastic. Added bonus is the
  3. Have you posted in the introductions section yet? Once you have them you can Personal Message (PM) me.

  4. hi i just joined tonight and want to get in contact with you but dont know how?

  5. Heater can go in the the sump but as all my fish are housed in the garage in winter I have been heating the whole room. BUt this option is becoming too expensive and I am looking at something different this year. How it is made is simple enough (especially when you have a Father who likes challanges) Each small tank has been drilled with a 15mm threaded drill bit and fitted with a 15mm threaded outlet. This is for the overflow. 15mm plastic tube runs from the outlet down into drain pipes that are behind the frame. Each drain pipe flows into a T-section at the end and down in to the
  6. Guppies and platys will not cross breed. Platys and swords will however. HTH
  7. Normal orange swordtails. Nothing fancy yet, but am eyeing off the highfin swords.
  8. We are breeding mollies, guppies, swordtails, platys, dwarf gouramis and rams (blue and gold). The danios population would increase too if I took the time to move them regularly.
  9. I lost the first batch as I removed the parents too early. The second batch (golds) are doing well, there are about 100 of them. We now have eggs from a blue balloon ram pair. These guys, along with the mollies are breeding better than the bettas at present. With 3 lots of eggs eaten, and two more spawns not looking like they will make the first 24hrs, it is nice to know that others are co-operating.
  10. I have done a bit of research and they are like the bettas. Though the parents move them around the tank. I thought I had lost one lot but they had just moved them. I have also been warned not to be too nosy, as the parents will eat the fry if they feel threatened. Parents have to be removed when the fry are free swimming.
  11. We got two pairs of Rams a week ago and we have have fry to a Blue Male and Gold Female and eggs to a Gold male and female. I didn't realize that they colour up so nicely. Now I just have to work out what to feed them.
  12. I have had no luck either. They are not on the import list or on the PNG and Aus. Rainbow and Natives websites. The closest I can get is the peacock gudgeon. Well it was worth a try.
  13. I came across the goo-obo gudgeon or allomogurnda nesolepis on aquabid. They are from PNG. Does anyone know anything about these little fish? Are they in Australia?
  14. My son only likes the sailfin mollies, hence it is all we have at present since the tropicals are his. But we don't see many lyretail sailfins. Good luck breeding them. We have had no problems, just finding enough tanks for all the fry is becoming a headache but.
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