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  1. stubbskm

    Cloudy Ammonia

    A safe way to cycle a tank is to use the product CYCLE. It will add ammonia to the tank plus the other bacteria to establish your filter. We fully cycled 10 2 foot tanks with a sump and goldfish in six weeks using cycle. The livebearers' bank took about 7-8 weeks and was the same size and was understocked.
  2. stubbskm

    Use of Protozin

    I don't do water changes between doses in large tanks and with my smaller jars I keep the water changes as usual and add the protozin. If in doubt have a look at the waterlife web site, there is loads of information there.
  3. stubbskm

    Expensive Month

    Yes you can filter the water but, I have just gone over to sponge filters, due to cost and the benefits for fry. I have 2 barrels that hold 240L each. So we use the water in the barrels for the bettas and do water changes on the tropicals when the readings are good. Just means that I now can't leave them (Tropicals) to do on the weekend as I have been.
  4. stubbskm

    Expensive Month

    Up until a month ago I been travelling along with no major problems. After our water problems several years ago that saw an infection spread through my room like a wild fire, I have had no major problems, that was until now. In the last four weeks I have finrot, fungus, popeye, dropsy and that dreaded infection again. I have lost 4 moscow black guppies, 2 solid black guppies, 1 platinum gold guppy, 1 solid green guppy, 1 DT Royal Blue Lace female, 3 Male fighters and my ablino red trio guppies that I had only a week and half. This is not including the 4 hospital tanks. Knowing that it had to be the water again, I visited a LFS and the one guy who could answer my question. Dave is new at this LFS and knows what he is talking about. Water is tested for everything possible in every tank atleast 3 times a week and water tests are done free of charge for personal tanks. So after having a chat I went back with 3 samples. PH, hardness, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia were all okay but my phosphate levels were off the charts. There wasn't a colour dark enough to match my results. Now phosphate is what most of us link with algea and green water blooms, which I had none in my tanks. However there are several forms of phosphate which are used to prevent water pipes from rusting and my council has changed from using the solid to lose form. This phosphate doesn't disintegrate but accumulates and severely stresses fish which then leads to infections. So armed with this information and knowing that there a couple days each week ( the days change weekly) that the phosphate reading in our tap water is zero I have been doing massive water changes and storing as much water as possible. On the bright side my fish are looking up, fins are healing and that dreaded infection is just about gone. So now I do daily phosphate tests. However it would have been nice to know this earlier so I could have prevented the loss of so many beautiful fish.
  5. stubbskm

    soil-less grindal worm culture methods

    To do a soil-less culture you need the following: * container with a fitted lid * a sheet of polyester batting or filter material or a soapless scrub pad for the bottom of the container to create at least 2-3 layers. * cover this with 2-3 layers of plastic needle point. * opaque plastic to cover the food From there you add enough water to cover the bottom layer, food and worms are added to the plastic needle point. Feed as normal but do water changes every month or so. Food still needs to be moisten and moldy food removed. To harvest rinse worms from plastic. Added bonus is the water at the base is loaded with infusorians and young worms which make great food for young fish.
  6. Have you posted in the introductions section yet? Once you have them you can Personal Message (PM) me.

  7. hi i just joined tonight and want to get in contact with you but dont know how?

  8. stubbskm


    Thank-you. :P
  9. stubbskm

    apple snails in spawn tank

    Add only after fry are free swimming.
  10. stubbskm

    Setting Up Betta Barracks

    Heater can go in the the sump but as all my fish are housed in the garage in winter I have been heating the whole room. BUt this option is becoming too expensive and I am looking at something different this year. How it is made is simple enough (especially when you have a Father who likes challanges) Each small tank has been drilled with a 15mm threaded drill bit and fitted with a 15mm threaded outlet. This is for the overflow. 15mm plastic tube runs from the outlet down into drain pipes that are behind the frame. Each drain pipe flows into a T-section at the end and down in to the filter material and the sump. We used threaded outlets to stop leakage and 15mm so there was no chance of blockages except that the younger bettas try to see what is beyond and do get stuck. To prevent this we cover the outlet with a open mesh material held in place with rubber bands. AM in the process of changing this to something more permanent. Filter material is contained in the drain pipe with a mozzie mesh fitting on the bottom to prevent filter material escaping and allowing the water to return to the sump. Water is pumped up through a combination of different types of pipes that we had in the back yard. The main pipes from which the individual tanks come off are used by electricians. Holes were drilled into these four main pipes and normal garden fittings with taps and black hose was used. Taps allow you to control the flow of water into each tank. The hose is then placed into the tank through the little lid in the lid section of the tank. As for the frame it is one supporting piece of timber top and bottom to which the vertical timber on which the tanks sit are fasten. Legs are then attached. Mine are old coffee table legs. Most of my fitting were obtained from shops that sell pump and such for farms.
  11. stubbskm

    Red Gold PK

    This is a brother to the gold HM.
  12. stubbskm

    3mth old Gold HM Male

    He does reach HM just an ADHD fish. Yes he comes from a DT line. Mother was a white DT. There is some BF patterning on the cadural fins but is not as noticable in real life. Scalation is regular, it was difficult to get a decent shot with or without the flash. Will try again for a better one. Thanks Lilli. This is a new line for me so am prepare to spend the time to improve it. Was hoping for golds when I paired them up and just happy I got them. Disappointed that I lost both parents, Dad to dropsy and Mum to my cat, was not impressed with that one. Nearly had a cat mat!
  13. stubbskm

    3mth old Gold HM Male

    I posted at the end of Nov about my LFS find HM PK metallic male having fry with him in his 4L tank. Well sadly I lost him to drospy 4 days later. His fry however are doing great! HM and PK ranging from Gold, platium, gold body red fins with gold on the rays and red with blue metallic through the fins. Below is one of the gold HM long fin boys. One of his brothers got to him before I could jar him, but I am still impressed. Finally I have got my golds! One photo is to show his form and the other shows the colour that I see(took awhile to get it right too.)
  14. stubbskm

    Surprise Fry in 4L jar

    There was some java moss in the bottom, so I don't know. First time I have ever had fry moved with dad.