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The Betta Australis Fish Grooming Competition


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Inspired by a similar competition Sydney Splendens had back in 2009, I present to you:

The Betta Australis Fish Grooming Competition

Open to all local Betta Australis members

The Rules: Each participant will be given a set number of 7 week old Red premium VT fry to raise. We will meet again when the fry are 4 months old and the fish will be judged.

Certificates/Ribbons will be awarded for:

Most Developed

Best Male

Best Female

Most Unusual (there is always an oddball or 2 in every spwan :D )

Grand Prizes will be given to the fish with the best overall form/colour, be it male or female.

1st Prize - Breeders Pack: Certificate, Spawn Tank, Heater, Sponge Filter, MW culture and a small container of Brine Shrimp Eggs

2nd Prize - Fry Food Pack: Certificate, MW culture, Small Container of Brine Shrimp Eggs and a bag of Micro Pellets

3rd Prize - Betta Basics Pack :Certificate, Bag of Micro Pellets, Betta Scoop

If you have never bred bettas before, this is a good introduction on looking after fry. Any questions and/or help will be given if needed.

All members present on the night of judging will participate in the judging of the fish. Should there be a tie, someone (someone) has the deciding vote.

Fish will be handed out at the April 17th meeting. Please make sure you register on either this thread, or email betta.australis@gmail.com I will only be bringing enough fish for to cover registered entrants.


Post your photos of your babies here in this thread and show your competition what they are up against :D Ask questions, or voice concerns. Most of all..... HAVE FUN!

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Fish will be available in 4 weeks. Date will be announced... Planning on having a club BBQ at my place. Have something to eat, get to know your fellow members, poke around my fishroom and take your competition fish home. Anyone who can't make it on the day, but wish to participate in the competition can contact me and arrange a day and time for pickup :D

Any males that have declared themselves by that stage will be divided equally and fairly.

After the competition, the fish are yours to either keep, sell or give away. All I ask is if you do sell them, you make a donation to the club per sale, as per our meeting trade policy :D

Harry, the competition is only open to club members, but I am sure there will be some for sale afterwards :D

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Once the bank account is opened, yes you can. We are waiting on the Department of Fair Trading to process our paperwork first.

If you want to join to be part of the comp - sorry mate, I wouldn't feel comfortable shipping fry so young. This will be local pick-up only.

There will be plenty more competitions, activities open to our regional and interstate members... Keep an eye out next month :)

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If someone is dodgy enough to cheat, then they are only cheating themselves. It is not fair to treat everyone as a cheat from the outset and police the competition from day one. From that kind of reasoning, how can you prove that the winners of the aquascaping comp last year were the actual owners of the tanks they submitted without knocking on their doors and demanding to see the tanks in person?

At the end of the day, it is all a bit of fun designed to create a sense of community and friendly competition within the club. Take the fun out of it and nobody will want to participate.

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Meh, Sarah got cited and thanked - anyone following the thread saw that in the conversation.

Oh, I realize now this is about which club started the idea... meh... let me retract my retraction and regret sticking my head in. politics make my face ache.

I'm just emo that it's only happening up north (not that I'm having any bloody luck growing out my kids) but it's a great idea....

It'll be interesting to see how the fish develop differently and compare the keeping methods - we might learn a thing or two.

Can't wait to see the flood of pics (I'm a glut) as they pour in, will there be progressive shots do ya think? or is that givin' the game away?


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Yeah I guess I'd be interested (maybe it's better to hear about all that stuff at the end? participants might want to keep their secrets secret just while the comp is goin')

But I guess with all the food and water changes and stuff... its a bit of a science experiment as well as a bit of fun!


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Hi Ness, I agree with keeping the tech stuff quiet until the end. Although not compulsory, as many photos as possible would be amazing to look at. If only from my selfish standpoint to see how my babies are doing *lol*

Not only would it drum up a bit of interest in the thread and essentially, the club, it might inspire other clubs to also try something in a similar vein.

In the lead up to the comp, everyone can keep an eye on how they are growing over at the spawn log. I'll keep up to date info on water changes, feeding etc so people can either replicate what I have been doing, or try something different to see if they get better growth rates... I expect everyone who enters will see an initial growth spurt due to a greater water to fish ratio.

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Sounds good, and I'd totally be up for a similar arrangement at Vic Betta - we just need the surplus spawns.

I guess there's always that variable of the "slow growers" too which will be good if people have more than one fish - I look at my kids growing out and see some are quite big - and some still half the size!!

Same water conditions and feeding.

Ah the eternal conundrum... Anyway - Lab coats on ppl....

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Ok- Local Betta Australis club members register your interest here to participate in the competition so I can get an idea on numbers.

Interstaters and regional club members, keep an eye out for future competitions that will include you. Due to the nature and logistics that would be involved, this one is only open to our local members.

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