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The Betta Australis Fish Grooming Competition

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Thanks Matt! Marianne, we have a meeting tonight if you would like to come along to see what it's all about. Details are in the link Matt posted above.

So far, for the comp, we have:

1) Jennie

2) Paul

3) Matt

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Hi Maryanne, we are still in the process of setting up bank accounts etc, so can only accept membership fees in person directly to the treasurer. This will be sorted out within the next week or two. If you PM me your email address, I can send you through a membership form etc and once the account is set up, I can send you payment details. You are more than welcome to participate in the competition. I plan on handing out the fish to everyone in a few weeks time. Keep an eye on this thread for details (within the next week)

Next meeting will be in a months time. The date will be voted upon at tonights meeting. One of us usually posts the exact date once we get home.

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you can add my name to the list as well.

I think this competition is a great way to help get people more involved in the hobby. These types of competitions has been around longer that most current hobbyists. I remember reading the A & T magazines from the late 1920's and 1930's where they were holding competitions just like this.

Graeme B-)

P.S. Marianne

there are a couple of members like myself that are out Stafford way so if you need a lift let us know.

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I'm looking forward to this!

Am wondering if anyone else on here can remember the first "Betta Grooming Comp" that we tried on the old Betta Forum?

Would have been in early 2006.

Anyone else remember the god-awful yellow CT from the "Great" Henry YIn? :D

Cheers, someone

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Speaking for myself only Jarrod, I can't see an issue with you competing. It's only a fun comp and I doubt anyone would object.

If you won a prize, you could always raffle it off on the night (raise a bit more money).

What's everyone else think????

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