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Hiya everyone, Nice to see so many familiar faces once again. I havent visited in awhile as I lost my bookmarks with the addresses of many sites but talking to Calla tonight I got the address off her once again *waves and says thanks*. Although I know a few of the members who have been here for a while there are no doubt a few i dont. For those of you who i dont know the following is a basic summary of me: My Name is Darcy and I come from Perth, Western Australia. I have been keeping fish for probably alittle over 2 years now and I have experience keeping several species of Central American Cichlids. Currently my stock list is: Vieja fenestratus Petenia splendida Archocentrus Nigrofascatium I have had experience though with other species including but not limited to: Loaches keyhole Cichlids Salmon Tails Trimacs Oscars And a few other rarer species which names I have forgotten. Aswell as being into fish I am a computer geek put plain and simply, Currently learning programming and heavily into web design. So yeh, thats about it :dontknow:

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