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Just want everyone's opinion.

I personally love the webbing on the ray extensions on the caudal. Totally different to my red guys.

Is this a fault or something I should concentrate on?

Dad is normal.

This is the guy just spawned.


My Favourite.



These are all old photos but don't have time to take new ones.


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You know I'm a stickler for traditional form, but..... that's usually because the new mutations aren't - well - practical (obviously IMO!)

But this just looks like double ray reduction with little or no reduction in the secondary (or is it primary) rays. I really like it, it's striking - and if you could work on it to beome represented as a trait in all 3 paired fins, I think you'd be eligible for one of those thousand dollar aquabid auctions...

Go for it... and is it just me, or has he got giant pecs?

Tidy up his geometry with a nice CT female and off ya go!

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Thanks everyone. Makes me feel a bit better as you never know if you are bias when looking at your own fish.

The above photos are two different fish. The very top one (royal blue irid) is the one just spawned. The girl has the same rays as him so hopefully this will be passed on to the fry.

Second boy is steel irid.

All these photos are a month old now, at least, and there are defined ray extensions at the ends now.

Which fish do you prefer?

Blue or steel???????

I vote steel. :-)

Thanks again for your input.

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I think the Blue in the first Pic if you concentrat on him and his progeny you may get some cross rays out of his line as they seem to have a bit of a curve happenning are ther any girls from the spawn showing simmiler traits? as sib matting would help fix the Pheno Type



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