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  1. Rhhhhhyyyyssssssss..... hope you see this, Happy birthday!

    Hope all is going well. :)

  2. A rather belated, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ness, Hope you had a great day and got lots of presents! :)
  3. Hi all- Thinking of getting out of Fighters :( So I will post up some fish and tanks for sale soon- watch the classifieds! There will be some custom barracks with all the trimmings in there as well.

    1. lildeb


      OOH OOH! If you do sell any finnies, please please say you will post! PLEEEEEZE... I hate being so far away from all the action lol!

    2. lildeb


      Maybe reducing might be a middle-ground thing? So you still have some lovely fin-kids to love.. (:s

      Otherwise would be toooo sad.. snif..

    3. lildeb


      What a self-centred bitch I am- first I think of me, and not being able to find fish, then second I think of you and how sad and hard that decision must be... sorry dude..

  4. Happy Birthday, Matt, hope you had an awesome day! :)
  5. Thanks all! Haven't been very active lately- exams, blec! But all over now, so fish to the spawning tanks! :)

  7. I am sadly getting out of axolotls....

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    2. Sarah


      I can imagine your dilemma! So upsetting!

      Are you going to re-home them to a friend?

    3. Rhysmachine101


      Still looking for someone atm, they might have to go to the LFS :(

    4. Sarah


      Aw, that's such a shame! Hope you can find somebody. :(

      Did you make a thread? Maybe somebody on here/Caudata would like to rehome.

      Shame we aren't closer, there's plenty of room in my axie tank.

      All the best.

  8. Hi Aaron! Welcome to the forum! Fire away with any and all questions!
  9. lol @ Ness- Happy Birthday, Jess! Hope you get lots of cool presents :)
  10. Anyone have any intelligence as to the arrival date of someone's next shipment? Soon right?

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    2. zhong89


      I think the important thing is when is she going to post her new babies on youtube

    3. mumofthehoarde


      Yes Joan...this is most important information for us addicts...when will be the next fix!!

    4. Matt_95


      Ent came in Thursday, they leave quarentine this Thursday, Ryan said the next shipment will be in a month or so.

  11. Matt, I'm agreeing with fishbites here! You're a cheater! So are you Sarah, for giving in to his cheating ways! lol.
  12. Charcoal, hey? Thanks shadoh! Any other schools of thought? Any material I put in here is going to be submerged mostly.
  13. Ok so my barrack is ready to be cycled and I was wanting to get some suggestions on the best filter mediums for the job. Here is a side on pic of the filter medium compartment: water comes down the tubes into the far right compartment and comes up from the gap at the bottom into the left compartment. Volume is 5.4L to fill with filter media... What do you recommend?
  14. Same here! Bettas loooove the shrimp! :byebye:
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