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  1. Happy-happy-happy birthday to you!

    Hope you had a great day. :D

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. right... note to self... study harder to become forensic pathologist... need money and BIG house
  4. wow... if only I had the space LOL
  5. my bettas must have felt sorry for my loss... 3 pairs currently spawning!

    1. mandz


      all have had their eggs hatch today :)

  6. Just lost a complete spawn, they were about a week old, but something happened and they ALL were dead in the tank

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    2. Rhysmachine101
    3. Sarah


      Oh no, I'm sorry! :(

      Can you respawn the parents?

    4. mandz


      probably could, but I have other ones I like better anyway LOL

  7. Here are some of the fishies I got from jha, bad pics, sorry Rosie Saph No name yet Minty No name yet I will try and get pics of the others tomorrow, the light was getting bad
  8. yeah he is the one that died... poor little bugger
  9. I found Quasi dead in the tank this morning Lucky I bought another 2 yesterday :P
  10. mandz


    welcome to the forum bullfrog :)
  11. wow that looks awesome, very jealous here! I rearranged my kitchen on the weekend and have a 5ft space now available for my bf to have some breeding tanks (he is into cichlids). Was trying to figure out the best way to make a stand for them. How much did yours cost, if you dont mind me asking? He was going to weld up one at work, but they wont let him in on his own now LOL, I suggested him making a pine one, but could get costly. again, looks great, well done
  12. hoping he keeps the white, will be disappointed if he doesnt
  13. just rang them and there are 3 left... but this store is well known for having fish doe not long after u bring them home die even LOL
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