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  1. right... note to self... study harder to become forensic pathologist... need money and BIG house
  2. wow... if only I had the space LOL
  3. my bettas must have felt sorry for my loss... 3 pairs currently spawning!

    1. mandz


      all have had their eggs hatch today :)

  4. Just lost a complete spawn, they were about a week old, but something happened and they ALL were dead in the tank

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    2. Rhysmachine101
    3. Sarah


      Oh no, I'm sorry! :(

      Can you respawn the parents?

    4. mandz


      probably could, but I have other ones I like better anyway LOL

  5. Here are some of the fishies I got from jha, bad pics, sorry Rosie Saph No name yet Minty No name yet I will try and get pics of the others tomorrow, the light was getting bad
  6. yeah he is the one that died... poor little bugger
  7. I found Quasi dead in the tank this morning Lucky I bought another 2 yesterday :P
  8. mandz


    welcome to the forum bullfrog :)
  9. wow that looks awesome, very jealous here! I rearranged my kitchen on the weekend and have a 5ft space now available for my bf to have some breeding tanks (he is into cichlids). Was trying to figure out the best way to make a stand for them. How much did yours cost, if you dont mind me asking? He was going to weld up one at work, but they wont let him in on his own now LOL, I suggested him making a pine one, but could get costly. again, looks great, well done
  10. hoping he keeps the white, will be disappointed if he doesnt
  11. just rang them and there are 3 left... but this store is well known for having fish doe not long after u bring them home die even LOL
  12. awww no, dont tell me that! supposedly they were a special order for someone
  13. We have 2 larger oscars, we have had them for a few months now, and we bought another 3 the other week, but the bigger ones have taken over, 2 died and the other one has moved house LOL... Maybe I should see if they have any more and see if I can get them to breed.... ok, I will get the bf to try and breed them LOL
  14. When I went in, I think there were only 5 from memory, one was on hold, and I bought one, which leaves 3... but who knows if they are still there. We dont have many fish stockists here, so the good fish dont last, unless they are way overpriced... we went in there a couple of weeks ago and they had one single synodontis eupterus, we snatched him up quick smart!
  15. Hey Neffy, I didn't know they came in that colour either, hence why I snapped it up when I saw it, would have bought a couple if I could afford them. How much are oscars in Melb? they are $20 here in Bendigo
  16. he is nice Jarrod how old is he?
  17. Now I am not the cichlid type, thats my partners area, but when I saw this little guy, how could I refuse?! oscar oscar again
  18. gorgeous fishies, love your orange HM... kinda envious LOL At least I am shopping at the right place (Coburg)
  19. Fourth spawn for the month... YAY

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    2. mandz


      they are only veil tails, although I put a double tail in with a HM female just for fun LOL....I can't get the 'prettier' ones to spawn

    3. mumofthehoarde
    4. mandz


      5th spawn happening now... half moon male and super delta female... haven't seen any eggs drop yet, so fingers crossed we have some success

  20. Hey Jake, welcome These people on here have great advice, and always willing to answer questions, I should know, I ask so many LOL. Good luck with more spawns and raising them I have had 4 spawns in the past month, and out of over 600 fry, have only managed to keep 70 going. Just had a spawn in the last couple of days, so will see how that one goes. mandz
  21. I'm away in Wagga at the moment for Uni and am missing my fish LOL... my bf told me today that my double tail male and my hmpk female have spawned... just want to get home to my babies!

    1. mandz


      counted all the babies when I got home, and 469 in that spawn

  22. awww look at them good luck kertaz, so far so good
  23. mandz

    Pregnant Guppies

    my bf was the one who said that you can see the red, I have seen it in a couple, but not all... I just go for when they are big and black, inactive and looking like they are about to pop
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