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The Melbourne Betta Line-up


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The Rocket/Cherry/Red Target/whatever crowntails are... were a mistake... sort of an acting out - kind of, beautiful mistake.

You know the kind that you are really glad you made?

I swore I'd only get a pair of CT that I thought were exceptional, and once they arrived I realized I'd totally fluked exactly what I wanted.

This is a whim, let's be clear, I'm even clearing out my plakats to make room for more HM breeding stock.... but their form is just.


and then I put them in the spawn tank, and now they are plakat CT's... and not in a good way... so all I have is pixellated images and a video.

Failure... can't even show 'em.... BOO.

Better spawn 'em eh?


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Uploading video still, however I can show off a few new noodles ... I got another Big Red Ned (this is take #4) ......and while he's not a game changer, I do like his .....attitude? perspective? redness?

Anyway - his misssus is nicer than he is.... and she's nice too.

Unfortunately I've had a big red dream all my betta life, and NO LOVE... had some salamander love, but NO LOVE IN THE SPAWN TANKS.... not proper anyway.


This is the full brother to Sarah's Red guy.





I'll get a better shot of her, but i'm so excited, she's true halfmoon - and probably has DT as I suspect her brother (above) has:


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Normally I wouldn't just buy a fish for the sake of it, but I was walking through petstock to see their display systems, I'm toying with getting an A1 Barracks, but all the retailers seem to have 20 bay systems which I quite like the look of.

Anyway, I saw some half decent crowntails and my interest was piqued, and then I saw this dude, originally lying on his side gasping.

I know I know... usually I would say walk away, but I had a moment of weakness and just thought - meh, I like colour. and it's the GFC, he's $9... and sort of delta tail.

I shuffled him around and he gave a half hearted flare, with his lumpy topline and 8 ray division (albiet on a delta spread) I just wanted something in my tanks that isn't shredded.

Quite like Jarrod's 'rescue' I gave him some IAL, a big feed, and today was rewarded with a huge bubble nest and flaring!

He's no beauty pageant winner, but he's REALLY CUTE. (ugh) What have I become?

His name is Bruce.


Glamor shot


You can't see his colour, but he's that really lovely crisp white (dragon or metallic??) over very very yellow (transparent) but no other reds or colour through his finnage... except some darker yella bands in the tail (very inneresting) Maybe I need a Non Red DT girl...? hmmmmmzzz

Is he super delta? Maaaaaaybe

Stained water etc... but when he's out of quarantine I'll do a little photo shoot with him - he loves the camera, and is so ACTIVE now.... I spoke to the girl in the shop and asked if she could check the heater (cold barracks) and she said there wasn't one.


I asked her to talk to the manager about popping one of their big heaters in the sump and heating the whole system...

They're tropical you know?

Are they?

Yep... you'll sell them when they're warm, active and energetic... and if you tell people to heat them - they'll stay alive heaps longer!

Oh cool, yeah she'll be fine with that, in fact I'll put one in now... cheers, we didn't know.


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He is gorgeous Ness. I have to sit on my hands in stores to stop myself from buying pitiful looking bettas haha. They do those eyes and you just know if you relent you will end at up crazy fish lady status in no time.

I agree with you on the heat thing. Heat is important for so many reasons and it irritates me that pet and fish store employees continue to tell people that it's alright to have a betta with no heater during a bloody chilly Melbourne winter! I know our house certainly doesn't stay toasty 24 hours a day.

I'm sure he is thinking he died and went to betta heaven.

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