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  1. Thanks for the answers. I just found some info online saying that expired tetracycline can go toxic. Apparently other antibiotics are usually 90% effective for quite a while after the use by date.
  2. There's not much more to say... Just want to know if it's ok to use. It's 2 months past expiry.
  3. Thanks Hachi. That's exactly what I needed to know and sounds perfect Also, I misinformed everyone. The tank is 60 litres, yay!
  4. Thanks guys! The corydoras hastatus look cute. From what I've read they need to be kept in groups. What would be the minmum number to keep them happy? Also would it be possible to keep a small group of rummynoses with the corys too? (Maybe not while I have my betta girls in there - that's probably too many fish for a smallish tank). Think the tank is a bit wider than 40cm, maybe 50-60cms wide and I think it's a little over 40 litres.
  5. I love the look of the serpeas but I've read that they can be nippy and agressive. What about rummynoses? That's what I would get if I didn't have the 2 betta girls in there. Would the be ok with them? Steph
  6. So I've had a sorority for a while now. One of my girls died a few months ago, leaving me with 3 and today I've had another girl die leaving just 2 in the tank together. I've had them for a couple of years now so I think they're in their senior years. They seem to be very peaceful with each other so far (they have all always been very peaceful) but I know they shouldn't really be left alone in there together. I don't think I'll be keeping bettas anymore, I've enjoyed it, but it's just too much work cleaning and mantaining all the individual tanks (I have boys too). It's becoming annoying and not fun. So when my current fish babies pass away, I would like to just have my 40 litre tank (current sorority - if you can still call it that) with something different. Just some little tetras or something really basic. The issue is what do I do for now? Can I add another kind of fish (like the tetras) to my sorority and will that keep the girls from bullying each other? Are they ok to leave alone in there just as a pair? I have two smaller tanks that I could use but I really want to avoid it, as I don't want to rip all the plants out of the 40 litre and I can't handle 2 more tanks to look after on top of what I already have.
  7. I think Ness did some videos about her process of introducing them over days. Do a search for it :)
  8. StephanieBell


    Welcome!! Lots of Betta lovers here :)
  9. Wow, 60+ tanks and you've been keeping fish for over 15 years! I'm sure you have some useful information to share with all of us!
  10. Shrimp and Bettas together are considered a bad idea by most people you ask. It's pretty likely that a Betta would eat the shrimp. I looked into this before.
  11. I don't know about favourite plants for aquascaping, but here are the plants that I don't kill: Anubias Java Fern (does best when I neglect the tank) Ambulia Some Kind of Crypt
  12. Hello & welcome! It's a great site! I don't know what I would do without it.
  13. I watch it all day (it's in my home office) and it gets some afternoon light on one side of the tank for a couple of hours. It's not opposite the window, it's next to it. But it is a very bright room! I add a few pinches of coral sand in the corner of the tank to help keep the PH stable and when I see it getting dissolved away I add a bit more. Plain fine gravel. Plants are doing really well but the algae is doing just as well. I only have 4 girls in a 3ft tank at the moment so I wouldn't say that there would be too much nutrients from the fish, but in saying that I don't have that many plants and they are all pretty slow growing. I have a big java fern that is about 1 1/2 years old, doing really well and probably about 6 or 7 baby java ferns that came from that plant I guess. I also have Ambulia, maybe 12 - 15 peices and a couple of other other stem plants that I killed most of (don't know what they are, got them from subscape). I do a water change every 2 weeks, about 30%. Probably should do less water more often, but you know how it gets! Do you think I should try increasing light and adding the ferts again at the same time?
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