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The Melbourne Betta Line-up

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"The Salamander"


"little lav"


"Big Red Ned's wife"

...and that's roll-call until the Fry in the Fuzz x Fang Spawn & the Fuzz x Beryl Spawn get more interesting!


'Razzi - Tim (copper CT) and Pants (the BF) were surprising finds at a Cobourg LFS - they now seem to be importing bonsai super deltas, so there's not much chance of finding more of the top two (may they RIP)

But they got me back into the Betta game, with more gusto than I had anticipated (eek, 2 spawning tanks, and I'm eyeing off that small tank we saw at the Victoria Betta Meet)


Thanks Bec,

Big Red Ned & his wife were my first pair from someone, Unfortunately I lost him to fin melt in a rather drastic log (see the clinic thread/horror story)

Saved the Salamanders and they're the next in the spawn tank, Third time lucky right?

My first and second spawn are bubbling away in the tanks, if you like copper there'll be a surplus in a few months, and blues a-plenty there-after.

Still looking for a handsome man to come along (hint hint someone) to pair with Big Red Ned's wife - she's a lovely fish (sibling pair to Ned) and is a proven breeder.

Hope to meet you & your fish at the next Vic Betta Gathering!


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Lol!!! I'm currently amusing myself by the thought of the salamander pair in the spawn tank. It's the boy's name that's making me laugh - "Mr Salamander". All I can hear in my head is a song by Shaggy - setting the mood for the spawning to begin! "Boombastic"! :P

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Bec/Neffy: Mr Salamabder (aka Bombastic) is a bit tricky to photograph, as are all out feisty little betta I'm sure, but this was the most accurate depiction of his colour.

I waited quite a while for this colour to come through someone's channel, and I have to admit he's my prize in the fishroom.

His form isn't quite up to Fuzz (the copper) but that colour!

And he's super smart, I've taught him a few tricks & he just picks them up easy peasy!

Paul, now I can't get it out of my HEAD! (or the image of Mr Bean dancing to Shaggy!) - Have you seen this?


Mr Salamander better learn how to put the moves on little Lav; she's such a prude, who wouldn't want to marry a man that could dance like this?


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Very lovely Ness! I love Little Lav & Beryl - what does her name mean?

Soo off topic, but when you said the salamander song, I thought of this -

Ahhh.. I hate that song, Danny Boy CONSTANTLY plays it.. :((

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An acidental spree... under the guise of expanding the HM collection and breeding options....

but basically just a spree.

OHM BF Marble Turq/Green boy (to pair with my current HM turq lady)

He has a few bent rays and slight curl in his ventrals, but I am loving his tidy topline (behind the dorsal it stays a straight arc)

AND how he fits into the oval of a proper halfmoon - !



An Angry Dragon:



The Armadillo: (Another one for the Turq lady)


...the reluctant flaring boy (he has had a tough week)

Also got a sibling female with the dragon male, but if I spawn I'm leaning more towards my turq lady - she'll be a busy little lady in the spawn tank... lucky I have my hands full with coppers/blues/salamanders at the moment.


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All very nice and shiny! I can see why you are leaning towards using the turq girl to spawn with these guys - Can't wait until you start your next spawns to see the results of all her hard work. :) Just as well it isn't the females job to raise the fry, she'd be worn out for sure! I love the marble turq boy and will be pestering you for photos once you spawn him - BE WARNED!!! *lol*

OT: Do you mind me asking what it is you use for your dividers? I always look and wonder whenever you post a pic...

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Mt - the Armadillo was one of the only large bodied HM's, the others might just be a bit younger (?) - he was the one from Coburg.

I put him on reserve, and had to wait the 7 days for them to clear customs - in the meantime I accidently bought the dragon pair & turq from someone.

I think I might actually not spawn the dragons, at least not in the near future, I prefer my Armadillo boy & the turq lady.... after all that.... and the turq gal with the BF Marble.

Who knows, I might just decide there isn't enough water in my bedroom and seeping into my carpet during water changes, and spawn the lot.

(Maybe not!)

Oh, BTW those plastic dividers are what I used in the runs for the juvi grow out - i was stupid enough to pay $30 PER SHEET for a 35x35 size

I buy them at the afore mentioned LFS, its what they use in their display/sale tanks - personally I think it's hideous.

Will be investigating the cost of having acrylic cut to size to make removable barracks within tanks from now on.


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Its easy I acidently buy bettas all the time, I wonce went into someone's to buy a friend a betta, I accidently bought myself 5 :blink: I probably shouldn't take in $140 when I'm only getting a VT *lol*

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Thanks guys,

@Neff - He's a lovely boy, I think he's technically a SD as he's never once flared in my presence, I'm a bit concerned the top of his caudal is a bit... sort of stunted or something...

I have the turq BF next to him swearing black and blue pacing up and down... still nothing.

@MT The Armadillo (turq body with red/black) was from Coburg, one of the bigger HM's they had, there is some great form in the new lot they've brought out.

....also - I'm about to start a new thread in the fishy showroom with my new fish setup - the "fishroom" is also my bedroom, studio (art) and office (web design) all crammed into 3 x 4 meters with ghastly 50's paisley carpet.

@Matt - part of me is so jealous that you can just waltz into Jodis, and the other half of me (the accountant half) is glad I can pay rent! :P

@Spanger - thanks, I do love beryl too - she has 2 crazy rays in her anal fin, and it's a touch long, but she's always ready to go (full of eggs) takes very little to condition, and has learnt a few tricks.

She's had her first batch of fry (100+) that should be blues... I'm hoping she'll have given me a few more turq ladies to add to the fold.


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Little update before someone's shipment arrives early next month and the MB line up expands further (and into GIANTS!)

Frilly Fabulous and Full of it

This little man is not breeding quality - (too many faults) but he is the most SPECTACULAR boy in my barracks, and as I lost the father of the Salamander Spawn, I can't possibly part with this little show pony.

"Mr Moneyshot" (like his father, this is his resting position)


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