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The Melbourne Betta Line-up

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I wouldn't describe that red girl as cambo. I suppose cambo is a confusing term. I guess she is probably carrying the cambodian gene. But she's not displaying the cambodian pattern which requires her to have a cream coloured body. Should we describe our fish by the traits they display or the genes they carry?

Anyway I think she's going to make very pretty babies if she takes a liking to your red boy. I bags fry.

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Extended red cambos don't have the cream body. You can usually pick them by their patchy incomplete masks and lighter red body colour. Extended red cambo boys are even harder to spot. I had close to a dozen of Busman's extended red cambo CT boys and didn't even realize what they were - just thought they were normal red with patchy faces...*lol*

Didn't even work it out when we were pondering why only the females in the spawn were cambo and no males...

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There's been a few additions to the Melbourne Betta Stables of late, they don't all have names, good photographs or much else... so until I get a good bunch of photos, here are some of the new additions to the display/breeding stock/pet section at the MB stables.....


Can't wait to shoot his missus, she's got a bigger beard than most of my boys....


Lovely corn blue / turq and white white white-out white dragon with cello - very feathery effect on the fins... he's a big of a poser too.


Cornflour Blue/White Dragon (imp Thailand) Melbourne Betta embraces short skirts / Plakat!


The Koi Plakat that turned everything around - in. love. with. this. lil. dude.

His Missus:


More there, but they be the only presentable photos at this stage


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Sorry these aren't new photos for anyone, but I'm using this thread to record pics of all my breeding stock (line up-update)

Salamander F2 Sire (pictured right) these are 2 sibling males I've kept


Salamander F2 Female "two"


Video of the boys: http://s1138.photobu...nt=MVI_3495.mp4

Super Blue Bettarazzi Royal Blue (until proven otherwise) Female:


No good shots of this guy (and he got pretty beaten up in the spawn tank- Razzi's girls are FIERCE) Bred by Kertaz:



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