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  1. Yep, lucky lady! I was drooling over those cuties! MY postie was in fits too the first time I bought some of someone's lovelies.. he still shakes his head...
  2. Hello and welcome mate! This is a lovely friendly place to hang out and make friends I can definitely relate to a lot of your situation, with anxiety and stress disorders; I have PTSS (post-traumatic stress disorder) and know nothing at all about iphones and similar technology! We have 40 acres out 'woop-woop', milk our goats, have all sorts of furry, feathered and finnie house-mates, and love just having a few friends who are as left-field as we are. You will find we are a real mix of folk on here, and you will fit right in if you love finnie-people, especially bettas smiles, Deb
  3. Fantastic- I want to be there to see I will be joining Betta Australis as soon as I am financial I am sooo happy to see a Veiltail section- go the Veils, there are some stunning VT out there deserving recognition.. does 'Happy Dance'
  4. Hey there! It's a fantastic forum, and a really friendly place to drop in and chat as well, we'd love to get to know you, so do become a regular! Welcome, VidVid! All I can say about Bettas is, the more you get to know them, the more fascinated you become, so get ready to be totally enchanted :D
  5. Rather looks like it hey! so.... is it being rude??? hmmm maybe it's just feeling lonely ERK I am now trying to eradicate images and I didn't GOOGLE ANYTHING! The curse of an active imagination..... :eadshake:
  6. lildeb

    Hi there!

    Hey there! If you like Siamese fighters/betta, you are definitely in the right place Drop in regularly and let's get to know each other eh?! :D
  7. ROFL I always swear I'll cut the fences and camp among the macadamia trees on the nut farm opposite- we tell everyone we are the REAL nut farm anyway... They mightn't appreciate goats among the macadamia trees tho... At least the wee Betta-guys don't eat trees Look forward to seeing and hearing about your finny-kids :drool:
  8. Okay, sat glued between watching water rising and checking da B.O.M all day, minor flooding here so far- just creeping into the bottom of the house yard... looks like a break in the rain now... hoping.. hoping... you might find us all roosting on top of your hill.... if we can get past Curra :D
  9. Wash your mouth out dude- do NOT want another flood.. Don't even THINK the word, the one last week ripped straight through our house, we sat up the top of the driveway, cats, dogs, goats, yes.. even the betta-kids... with the bits and pieces we managed to wade out with. We live downstream from you guys... kinda... at Gootchie, just north of Glenwood... that overpass/overflow at Gutchy Ck?.....follow it down a km, n look for the bubbles... hahaha Good to have more Ausaqua folk in the area :bighug:
  10. Oh yum... they are GORGEOUS, Pixie! Yoh I am forty something km from you, when you breed you definitely have another buyer here too :dance:
  11. Wow, you have the most beautiful fishie-family ever mate, and ... and... oh those copper n Salamanders... oh.... happy now, got my "pretty-fish" happies for the day!
  12. Hey there, from just north of Glenwood, up the Bruce from you Drying out there yet mate? I second Shadoh, look forward to seeing your room progress! Some awesome breeders on this forum, like swimming with the "big fish" and absorbing all the knowledge... Everyone is so kule and easy to talk to, nobody stuck-up here :lol:
  13. AWWWWWW... RIP lil dude, may the hunting always be good and eggs always fertile Not a prob mate, right one, right time, will turn up :alright: just don't let it get you down mate, it's life. And the photographs are just beautiful.
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