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LFS crawl on 6 October 2007


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Abbey, Phil, Sin and I are going on a LFS crawl on 6/10. Other Sydneysiders are very welcome to join us!

We will be hitting the following places that are generally located just off or relatively close to the M5:

Auburn Aquarium

Strictly Aquariums @ Beverly Hills

St George Aquarium

**Lunch at Kogarah Maccas **

Riverside Aquarium @ Campise

Marine Life Aquarium @ Moorebank

Trans @ Canley Vale

Atlantis @ Lansvale

Let us know if you're interested. It would be great to meet some of you in person, and to catch up with some old friends we don't get to see too often.

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Sorry people, cant make it to meet up to st george, i went to kensington to visit my friend in his fish store, and then i went to drive my parent to look for some funiture. Then something bad happen, i happened to break my 35 litre dividing tank while cleaning them up, so waste my whole day moving my bettas and try to fix the tank. T_T.

Sorry hopefully i can see u guys sometimes later


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Sorry to hear that Erwin :D

I got some excellent new fish, but not from any of the LFS we went to. Phil picked me up a few of these beauties from work:

4 badis baids, like the ones in these photos that I did not take:




and 2 pairs of A. cacatouides like these:



Abbey got guppies, guppies and guppies :) and Sin got a tank stand and cover. Not sure I remember Phil actually buying anything other than lunch, come to think of it...

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I'm still trying to house guppies and guppies and guppies!

OH MY GOD you guys have got to see the female I snagged. It looks to be about 8 ray (silly thing wouldn't hold still) and has a gorgeously perfect tail. She's just stunning!

And the albinos are kinda cute too :D

And Mr Pandaman.

I don't think I've ever bought so much on one of these days like.. ever!

and if anyone is interested there are about 4 very nice orange/orange spotted deltas at St George for $10 each. No matching females, but still not bad! :)

Pics of fish



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I have no idea on the terminology, I'm winging it when it comes to guppies :) but given that most of the others I have here are pushing it to get to 4, I thought 8 was a bit of an achievement! :D Its the blurry blue/black guppy at the bottom. The guy that fished her out was dubious about her being a girl, but she does seem to have all of her girl bits, so I have everything crossed that they function :D

The range of female bettas was a bit sad. There were a handful of wild colour and cambodian reds, one or two cambodian BFs at St George and a small multi CT female and some wild coloured VT girls at Auburn, but that was about it. Still, good on them for having any at all, they were very thin on the ground. I'm hoping things improve over summer, maybe we'll see some good CTs or even some metallics kicking around the place.

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