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Yes ! More & More red dragons


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woah! those fish are as good as the ones you paid for! so pretty :X <-- going green with envy

i'm definitely gonna be swapping dragons with you kit >.> so make sure you get lotsa fry!

Sure.. but I'm thinking how to ship them around Australia.

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are they your pics of the male? he looks fine. what do you mean tail is broken?

Weren't the plakats a free pair? isn't that a bit like looking a gift horse in the mouth?

Good luck breeding (hopefully she wont shred his tail too much)

Cheers, J

Yes I took those Pictures..... here is the picture and you might see what I'm talking about, btw will it recover?

I guess is my fault that could tell that PK male's head is deep in the seller's picture...lucky it was free ^^ I think it will pass on to the next generation if I breed him, so I'm not planning to breed this male and just gonna use the free PK female to breed my red dragon from suporn.


and here is the picture by smilebetta the seller which you can see his caudal ....



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That just looks like minor shipping damage. Can't really expect a fish to arrive perfect when it's travelled so far. I've had females that have been really badly chewed during spawning recover their finnage. It can take a couple of months though. So unfortunately I don't think you'll be able to show this male at the next Melbourne International Betta Convention. Oh wait... no such thing... :)

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i'd personally still be using that PK male, just very carefully and being prepared for culling rather ruthlessly.

his caudal is just amazing, and i think the alligator head isn't a genetic problem?? so if you had a nice female with a strong topline you could hope for good quality fry <_< if nothing else it'd be a good idea to have a second dragon line to cross your main one out to :)

and please don't shoot me stefan! they can improve the topline!! i'm sure of it! LOL

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