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Due to the atmosphere here over the past month or so, it seems we need to have a talk. It is quite obviously driving many people to breaking point, and this is just not on.

We started this site a while back now, and it was originally just for Mouse Faewyn, Lilli and myself to chat about our fish. Then we invited some friends, and really the whole thing has grown from there. The original member base was basically people who knew us to be good people and who trusted our judgement when it came to how things had to be around here. In the first year, I think we edited maybe 5 or 6 posts and had problems with a single member, and that was pretty much it. We *like* not having to work the boards :cheer: It frees up more time for yakking on about fish. ;)

With the large number of people joining who don't know us well at all, there seems to be some growing discontent around the place, and sadly it is coming out on the boards.

The board is here because we love fish and we want to share that with other people who also love fish. We want to grow the betta hobby in this country and we want to experiment with other types of fish, and we want to have fun. It gets much less fun to come in here every day and see hijacked threads and veiled insults and people trying to undermine others. We will not be having with this behaviour. It stops NOW. There are a lot of people here who are trying to do the right thing and they don't need to come here and see this type of behaviourl.

I'm guessing that most people pay no mind to reading the board rules as they sign up, so let me summarise for you quickly as I will be enforcing these heavily over the coming weeks until we learn to play nicely again.

Almost all of our rules come down to respect. If what you are doing is likely to upset someone or infringe their rights, then don't do it. Simple ;) This requirement for our members to respect people extends to people who are not members (eg, photograph owners, members of other forums, business owners etc) and the AAQ admins (I'm miserable that needs to be pointed out ;) we are members too!).

We don't want to have to enforce the rules, we'd much rather people just paid attention to them and were pleasant and respectful of each other. It'd be a big help if anyone who hasn't read the rules could just have a quick look now to make sure they are familiar with them. If you don't understand a rule, or you feel that we need to clarify further, let us know ;) We'd rather you just sent us a quick PM if you are ever unsure of anything than have you worried about speaking up :(

Also, note that the REPORT POST button at the bottom of every post. If you feel that anyone is overstepping the line, TELL US! Don't go out by yourself and try to put them back in their place, because that just makes our job doubly hard. Let us know and we'll kick butt ;)

Basically what this boils down to is that this is not a job for us, this is a hobby. As such, it is meant to be enjoyable! We want this to be a nice friendly community with a wealth of information for Australian hobbyists, and we'd really appreciate it if you could help us get there. :(

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Especially the link to the rules.


1. hijacking is bad.

2. cross-posting is unnecessary.

3. Don't use images you don't own/photos you didn't take/words you didn't write without permission.

4. Never ever ever identify LFS, suppliers or other people or entities if you are saying something negative about them. We can't afford to get sued for defamation of character. If you want freedom of speech, by all means blog your thoughts somewhere, just don't post them here.

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and if you're replying to the post immediately above yours, there's just no need to quote it - it's obvious what you're referring to.

Unwarranted quotes will be deleted. They take up space and irritate people. Primarily, me :lol: :lol:

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while we're on the topic of being considerate of other members, please use regular English. Text/slang/Leet-speak is lost on a very large percentage of the forum's members, so posts containing it will tend to be ignored by members who would otherwise post helpful comments and suggestions. The occasional "lol" is fine but beyond that, a lot of us will have NO idea what you're talking about! If you do use it, you risk the administrators/mods editing it to read properly (or deletion of the entire post, depending on how legible it is) without further notice.

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I had to ask Mouse, Jess and Calla what it was, the first time it came up as an issue! :lol:

I assume that anyone inclined to use it would know what it means. The rest of us can remain blissfully ignorant.

Also, "LMAO" @ Stacey's "OMG" :lol:

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