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Hi everyone :P

My name is Joanne and while new to the forum, I'm not new to bettas. I've had a couple of years off after some bad disasters but I couldn't pass up the chance to get back into them again. This time I will be restarting with better stock :P

I am partial to Plakats and also aspire to own Greens (wine/beer bottle green) which I haven't ever been able to get in any tail type :P

Anyway enough for now. So looking forward to meet ing all of you here :)

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Hi Jess

Is importing Bettas easier now? I know when myself and a former friend were looking into it and trying to arrange it, it was far from easy. I'm asking because I'm seeing mainly Thai breeders on Aquabid right now unless there are Australians with listings and I've been missing them?

Anyway thanks for the welcome :)

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You can import fish from almost

Have a look at this thread http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=436

someone - Lea (someone) imports regularly and sends them out to everyone :)

If you have more questions you can ask in that thread :)

Oh :) wow *goes to look*

Thanks for the wonderful welcome Lilli

* A tad more about me lol

I'm Married (no kids) and we live in Adelaide about 45mins from the CBD. We have two dogs - A red Min Pin called Copper (indoors and spoilt) and a Germ Shep x Aus Kelpie called Ally which we got from the RSPCA (she lives inside now because of behaviour issues but is kept well away from Copper). I also have 2 Oscars (1 Tiger 1 Albino) which earlier this year moved into our 6ft tank and there is an old Angelfish and 3 Bristlenose in a tall 3ft tank. Last but not least is our two Cockatiels (a lutino and a grey) which were hand raised to make them tamer.

Oh year I play online sites and spend way to much time yacking with my US friends lol

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Hi Joanne,

I'm interested in greens as well, although just at the moment I'd be happy to spawn anything and get them to survive past a week. I've also just returned to the hobby after an absence of nearly 10 years. Things have changed a lot. I'll keep you in mind if I ever get any greens worth sharing.



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Wow I wish I had found this place before I had walked away from the hobby before. I grew up in Dernancourt about 2 to 3 mins walk from Hope Valley Reservoir and about just over a minute from Balmoral Rd. Now I live in Noarlunga Downs which is a world away but we have a fantastic view at this house

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Hi Joanne, it sure is good to have an other SA person on here :D

and like Jess said, we deff are spread out all over the place, :yes:

I used to be obsessed with the deep grass/emerald green bettas. never saw any in real life, just pics on the net. So now I work mainly on blues, but trying to branch out into yellows, reds and opaques :D

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