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  1. Hi, I'm in Indooroopilly. Have many more for sale now that i have decided to sell all animals from both tanks.

  2. what i ment to say was, will they grow bigger, the bigger the tank? and will it be HARMFUL if they are kept in a smaller 3 ft tank?
  3. will a ghost knife kill my gourami? i know it will pick off any guppies and tetras... also, would large bristlenose be safe, and khoolie loaches? any advice would be appreciated. also, can more than one ghost knife be kept together? and what tank size do they require? will they grow according to tank size or are they likely to be stunted by a tank that is too small? thanks all.
  4. yay baby guppies are so cute, and likewise with the other advice given here, crushed up flake is fine. if you want a higher survival rate for other babies dropped make sure you have lots of bushy floating plants for the babies to hide in, very soon you'll have a self-supporting population! congrats! they're just so cute aren't they?
  5. So sorry to hear that you lost him he was a gorgeous little guy! I know it doesn't help now, but in case this happens to anyone else in the future i thought i might add what i know about these critters (following on from comments such as 'i might cut them off....') yes, they were his gills!! and yes they do usually sit under the carapace between the front two 'legs' on either side of the forward body, the allows for them to be both protected by the carapace as well as exposed to water currents, also, being attached to the front legs any movement allows for extra exposure and water flow (being stuck under the carapace sometimes reduces total surface area, thus leg movement increases the total surface area of the gills allowing for more efficient oxygen transference) yes it is possible for this to happen, just as it is possible for the gills to be 'pushed' back under the carapace and into the correct position. i don;t know why this would have caused his death but my thoughts are that this is merely a result of another injury. anyone, please correct me if i'm wrong, its been a while since i've studied marine creature biology! again, sorry to hear you lost him :balloons:
  6. shooshoo

    sick log

    I've had that on a piece of driftwood recently, i tried to remove using a syphon but it kept on coming back, within a week of it appearing 1 had one dead bristlnose and one betta girl with some kind of fungal infection (since fixed up) so that wood was removed and is now just a dry display piece. as far as i'm concerned its BAD NEWS but thats was just my personal experience with it and the issues might be completely unrelated. hope that helps a little ;)
  7. now you've gone and done it, you've gotten me in the mood to make some more betta babies. about time i got those coppers getting jiggy and great video by the way, nice and clear, i can never get my camera to focus properly
  8. he's so PRETTY! congrats with these little ones, have you had any more spawns since this?
  9. just managed to get myself a whole BAG of blackworms for $4! easily 150ml of worms in there, so *plop* they went, straight into the guppy/community tank to wiggle their way into the ground to feed my fishes yummmmm
  10. yeah, lucky brisbane is once again blessed by my presence... lol. well let me know when/if you want her, my copper OHM boy chewed his tail up good and proper, and continues to do so... so you have my sympathy!
  11. I have a HM copper girl that i was planning to breed, but i don't have the time right now. her sibling brother is OHM full copper with the same red wash in the ventrals and anal so my guess is they'd be a good match. SO, if you indeed are keen on getting this boy jiggy then i've got a girl to pimp out. lol. let me know ;)
  12. well i think i just fell in love with Flame *swoon* he's gorgeous thats for sure!
  13. you see, now THATS what i want in a girlie tank! if only the shops i frequent had pretty girlies... :D
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