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A Numbers Game


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Been thinking about what I've got in the fishroom, what I want, and what my goals are, and I'm starting to wonder where it's all going to go...

I got in some 'hands free' girls to boost my numbers in the sorority tank so I could take my breeders out without leaving too few girls left (to reduce the chances of fighting), but I think I may have jumped the gun :(

I have also got in four new HMPK girls. I seem to have accumulated 15 girls somehow...

At the same time, my LFS rescue males have passed on, as well as my primary breeding CT male, and some of the sorority girls I shipped in turned out to be males. Add to this the recent shows/auctions, and this has left me with seven males, none of which are CT!

I have one barracks with nine bays. I have two sororities currently (about to become one when I combine them), one tank I'm about to turn into a grow-out, 3x small (20L) spawn tanks. The second sorority will become another spawn/growout (and allow me to keep one of the small spawn tanks as a QT). I'm currently using beanie box-like cannisters to house new arrivals in QT before they go into either spawn tanks (and then barracks) or the sorority.

There is a new barracks in with the tank builder for a quote as we speak. I'm either getting it for Xmas from the family, or I'll just buy it myself (either way, it is coming). This will be to hold my breeding females - so nine girls max.

The current barracks will house my breeding males - nine max.

So 18 breeders max. I currently have 22 fish, and 7 fry in the spawn tank. I'll want to pick a couple of males and a couple of females from them. That would make 26 fish...

I've planned spawns from my current fish through till mid next year when F2 spawns, from what I've got planned over the next month or so, should hopefully be ready to go...

If I keep only the very best breeding pair from my currently planned spawns, by mid next year, I'll have an additional 4 breeding pairs, so I'll be well over 30 individuals - all of which I'll have kept because I want to work with them...

Reality check :alright:

18 fish max is what I need to be looking at. Maybe a few extra females in a sorority....maybe another barracks system mid next year ;)

I need to sell/move on a bunch of the fish I currently have and stick very closely to only one or two selected goals :(

So how do you guys line breed? How many fish/tanks/barracks to you keep on hand to manage all this?

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I think things through so much better when I write it down or do spreadsheets etc - is my nerd showing?

When the second barracks comes into being, things will be easier, although the females will be full from the get-go.

Males are pretty thin on the ground around here now-a-days, but hopefully that will change over time with each successful spawn.

I've decided I cant do giants, so they need to be resold. I'll double check what I actually paid for them and then see if I can make at least some of that money back somewhere (if you're after Green HMPK Giants - give me a yell).

The hands free girls (and inadvertently boys) I got from Sara (they are much appreciated), they cant stay. They will occupy a sorority (or barrack bays) for the short term until I find new homes for them. Not all of them are mising ventrals, so they should be easier to find a home for...unless someone wants some hands free girls, then they may have to be moved on.

Moving the giants and the fish from Sara out of the fish room will leave me with 9 girls :), and 3 boys (3:1 - I can see the boys grinning already). Spawns from these three boys will top up my male selections, and replace the females (who should be easy to move on to an LFS or new owner) as they get older. And I'm not talking veteran status here. All the girls are less than a year old, and only about half of what I'm planning to keep are over six months of age. When ready to move on, they will be lucky to be 12 months old, and will have had a very happy and healthy time in my fishroom (touchwood). Or maybe I can donate them to auctions or new breeders...

To keep numbers manageable, I intend to only work on my CTPK lines for the time being, with half an eye on the colours I'm producing (obviously). I'll be ruthless in my selections for future breeding and move all others on.

I apologise in advance to future auctions and sales personages of all persuassions and ilks - I'll not be dipping into my pocket anywhere near as much from now on. I have what I need to do the spawns I currently plan. In six months time, we'll reassess. I shall continue to abstain from AB and FishChicks, and Jim (unless a superb Black Male Balok DR CT appears). I shall repectfully withdraw from requests for future spawns at this time (no matter how much that will kill me). I will not jump at fish advertised on FB!

If I break this public declaration of my intentions, please feel free to remind and ridicule me at regular intervals :)

Have I mised anything? I'm not sure how I could manage line breeding any other way (without spending masses of more money).

Still love to know how others go about it :)

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I shall tempt you at every turn, my friend. :)

Best of luck in your abstinence. I've just told Bianca I need to not get any more babies (after 1 or 2 which are already confirmed). Why must this species be so addicting. Every time I go to a reputable pet shop I find something I like :( Guess I'll have to leave my wallet in the car from now on.

On a different note, will you be still trading fish for the CTPK lines? Probably will be looking at a minimum of 8 months before any trading occurs at this stage. I haven't heard much in the form of people having many successful spawns for CTPKs.

Hachi - Dylan

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If nobody wants to share, that's fine :P I'll just keep talking to myself ;)

Got home last night and sat for a few quiet minutes in the fishroom taking it all in and mentally moving fish around like some wet game of Wizard's Chess...

Then it hit me, I'd forgotten about the Aqua One trio tank. In it's day it has been our first Betta tank, our girls dorm, and a retirement home for the aged. A couple of weeks back, I gave it a good cleaning, new (aged) water, and hidey-holes with live plants attached. It's been sitting there cycling for the past fortnight...waiting for new additions - and so the three new sisters have gone in. No impact on the rest of my tanks or on any other occupant - nice!

Still looking to move others on...

Oh yes - will still definitely be trading for CTPK project, but everything else is pretty much off the table.

You, me, Jarrod attempting now, Jaylee not too far away, Maddie and James attempting now to start a copper line. I think that's about it at the moment but it's just you and I with fry in the tank (and that's not huge numbers either).

It's a slow start but it is a start.

As for when trading...I was hoping to look at F2 spawns mid year, maybe beginning of winter, so that's five to six months into the new year, plus December, so you're not far off with your 8 months...maybe just a little sooner if all goes well for people. Will have to wait and see what eventuates from these first spawns. If they are all one gender, then there wont be many breeding pairs being sent anywhere ;)

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I've been wondering about this too. :D

I have Jonesy (cambodian CT) from our first spawn ever. Keeping, don't intend to breed.

Darth (black orchid CT) is approx 7months old. Keeping at this stage.

Sebastian (Thai import purchased from someone, marble balloon CT) is approx 7months. Keeping.

Cherri (cambodian CT) from our first spawn, possibly breeding next year. Keeping.

Dory (blue CT from someone), had 1st spawn with Sebastian, all babys were great. Have kept 2 girls. Keeping her at this stage.

Emerald (turquoisey CT from someone) had a spawn with Seb but I killed them. :( Trying her again tomorrow, keeping her.

Jewel (whitish CT from someone, came with Sebastian) have tried breeding her but nothing so far. Probably selling her soon.

Penny (whitish PK from Lodo Aquatics), possibly breeding her next year.

Amy (bluish PK from Lodo Aquatics), intending to use her in my CTPK line with Sheldon. :D

Bernadette (light blue CT from Sebastian & Dorys spawn), keeping.

DD (dark blue CT from Seb & Dorys spawns), keeping.

Sheldon (black orchid CT from Darth & Skye), keeping.

Female (looks platinum? aqua colour CT from Darth & Skye), keeping.

Total of 4 males & 8 females. :D

Also have 18 fry which are 8wks old tomorrow but they will be sold.

So definately keeping Jonesy, Sheldon, Amy, Bernadette, DD, Female, Cherri & Sebastian.

Probably onselling Jewel, Dory, Penny, Darth & Sebastian after his 2nd spawn. Still undecided about him.

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we have a lot of tanks (ike 30-40...) but we still run out.
im always umming and ahhing who i want to keep and then i realise i have no partner for them or have like 6 copper halfmoon males and i have to give myself a serious talking too about fish hoarding and what i want to breed.
we have 2 6 ft custom barracks which are a god send (26 compartments)
and are looking at getting an aqua one shop one (24 bay) possibly or similar
we also fully utilise beanie boxes and reptile cord with regular water changes for jarring and adults (keeps them in permanent qt too as weve had outbreaks before and it made me want to chuck in fish)
and failing that poly boxes become temp tanks some times with a heater sometimes with out. depending what were using it for.
James currenly has one conveniently set up where i can trip over it atleast 5 times a day but its a spawn tank (think bucket method BUT BIGGER)
the boys got a massive nest and all he can look at is his pretty lady friend so they will likely breed soon. the lid also means we can control light/dark periods well and it maintains temp pretty good (they do leak onto the floor very slowly though so careful if you have carpet)

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...are looking at getting an aqua one shop one (24 bay) possibly or similar...

...we also fully utilise beanie boxes and reptile cord....

So where do you get a shop aqua one from and how big are they?

And what is reptile cord? Can I see a pic of your beanie box/reptile cord setup?

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The shop ones generally you need wholesale accounts to get. Think roughly $600-$700 each.

Reptile cord is just like a piece of cable that gets hot, place it under tanks/beanie boxes and the heat radiates and warms the box up

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Ah - if you do get a shop one, I'd love to see photos, designs, etc - I have found an excellent tank builder over here who does good custom tanks for sweet prices. I'm waiting on a quote back for a 9 bay barracks system I designed based on my current barracks...only with the annoying bits re-thought to make life easier. It would be interesting to see what he could do me one for...

Reptile heating cord - gotch ya :)

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the first spawn there are 11. only one male. vicious little s*it. so he went to his new home. of the girls only about 6 good ones, but the other 4 are hump backs. being my first spawn I was reluctant to put them to sleep. :( so they will live with me forever. the second spawn, there is about 35 - 40. only 5 weeks old. so waiting to see what they turn out like. I have learnt a lot and have no humpbacks in this lot. the third spawn there are only 6 and they are 4 weeks old.

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The shop ones generally you need wholesale accounts to get. Think roughly $600-$700 each.

Reptile cord is just like a piece of cable that gets hot, place it under tanks/beanie boxes and the heat radiates and warms the box up

yeah stops the fish freezing pretty much not as much control over temp but keeps temp about low 20s

shop ones arent great but they are filtered, heated and lit and we know someone who has one minus the display cases thats just sitting around. doing not much

a few people have the 12 bay aqua one barracks... they are pretty neat as long as you watch for evaporation and sickness (communal water so it will spread disease if not caught early)

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Lorraine - need to learn that harsh lesson of culling - either by giving away, selling, or the final solution ;)

Maddie - how big is the shop setup? How big is the 12 bay?

My 9 bay is 90cm long...not sure I could handle anything bigger at the moment...it's not always about size :)

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I have a 10 bay barracks, 12 bay barracks and a 4 bay barracks that I keep my breeding pairs in. When I spawn, I try to keep back at least 2 or 3 males and a half dozen females that I thow into the sorority tank. Of course, there always seems to be one or 2 extras that you weren't expecting, but are too stunning not to want to keep/breed....then all my plans go out the window...lol

Now, I am just trying to concentrate on 3 solid colours and admire the pretty marbles from afar. Marbles lead my astray... *lol*


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