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  1. The pink platinums have been looking wonderful lately In two tanks at the moment so the Juvies are growing up well and the adults are doing adult things (babies many many babies).
  2. ​Does anyone know how much is being done??? I feel like the delay happened and it went quiet and now i'm wondering if in 6 months it will be back to fishkeeping doomsday cause everyone sat on there heels and breathed a sigh of relief and promptly forgot it was a postponement . hopefully there's some research being carried out which will be able to provide an alternative to batch testing and the high kill rate needed.
  3. any pics yet?? may take a few more pics soon. Theres french blues etc in boronia so why not
  4. welcome to the forum. hope you enjoy it!
  5. ahah always good finding ebtter way to do tyhings liek take photots. fry look they are going well
  6. Welcome to the group! hope you enjoy the forum. theres pretty limited endlers in aus but theres some around and some great breeders
  7. the mustard gas and the butterfly are pretty nice. Id also say they are both halfmoons i dont think they are particularly rosetailed. the finnage has a few over laps but overall the edges are clean and even and finnage looks pretty good lengthwise rosetail/feathertail when bred alot tends towards scalloped edges and the anal tends to be short and anal super long which can look super unbalanced. your boys dont display them traits though id just say they are quite well finned
  8. phwoar. just a few fish then hey
  9. funnily enough exotic aquatic is just that THE AUSTRALIAN ADA GALLERY its a very high honour he usually does have some for sale on the little water fall tanks on the left hand side when you enter the store. maybe hes out of stock at the moment I would thoroughly suggest having a look at liverpool creek aquarium. they have a great range of plants(some quite hard to find elsewhere) and alot of information available in the item descrition regarding conditions and difficulty etc. http://www.liverpoolcreekaquariums.com/store/c18/Mosses%2FLiverwort.html otherwise Subscape would be the other g
  10. love love love the blues! they are superb.
  11. anyway we ended up selling all our fry to michelle so i no longer have any apistos for the moment
  12. google them i dont think i actually looke din your killitanks much when we visited. to busy staring at pretty copper doubletails
  13. welcoem to the forum sound slike an intreesting tank definately post some pictures of it!!! co2, ferts, plant soil and a good light you should be getting some great growth where abouts are you located?
  14. welcome to the forum. feel free to share some photos of you bettas (or other fish) and if you interested in breeidng an showing the forum can certainly help
  15. they are nice arent they. i also have a trio of them for miss m so theyll be all looking sexy in the planted bay of boronia soon...or her bedroom (hopefully breeding up a storm)
  16. no there was someone else. les better get his behind back on the forum cause i remember talking to him about it. kev was into wilds and apistos hugely
  17. are you trying to set a record? most procrastination in setting up a fish room? needs moarrr spawning
  18. another one not my photo. this is a young male from a multicolour from a line by arakwat from thailand
  19. Just sharing some of our endler guppy hybruids. tehy are really hard to photograph and theres so many names its a bit confusing but im planning to do a bit more research on patterns and colour genetics so maybe that will tidy it up a bit Pink platinums also sometimes called a blonde scarlet.. I got these from a breeder in queensland the first lot of fry were hybridised with gold leaopard which resulted in a fair few neon oranges or 'pink' leopards. cute but not what i was going for. so a melbournite has the offspring. theyve recently dropped new fry though which should be more like the p
  20. theres some one in WA that breeds amazing guppies. we visited earlier this year and aquatix in perth has fantastic guppies that are all locally bred in WA from someone aquatic stock. if les jumps on soon hes also a westerner yeah i think it would be handy. even i have a pane of glass from a baracks i want to split for my grindal cultures but havent got around into looking how to cut glass
  21. 3 for 3 this weekend. now eggs....please become tails and swimmers please :)

    1. maddzvk


      only two to freeswimming ah well better than none :P

  22. His tank looks lovely!!! i'd agree with jaylee colouration is salamander. Salamander is a mostly red betta with white trim and iridescence (blue/green) on top of the body which can make it look purple-y (ness/melbourne betta had some fantastic salamander spawns a while ago speaking of fish eye candy http://www.victoriabetta.com/salamander-spawns.html) dumbo/elephant ear/enlarged pectorals means that his pectoral fins or 'ears' are about half the length of his body (normal sized pectorals are closer to 1/4) as for the finnage (since you mentioned his short tail) it's cause he's a plakat
  23. it might take a few years.... i think were on about 25 species once what weve spawned have all reached 60 days....
  24. some great tips i've been interested in learning cutting for the sake of being able to make glass dividers for a tank or similar. great to know we have a glazier among us i can hassle whats the plan with this tanks? dividing them, community tank, a specific fish?
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