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  1. ​pretty good. most are over a cm the runts have just had a growth spurt this past week and they are eating grindals now as well. small spawn but come jarring thats what i prefer. a few light bodies but most are dark. ​yeah freaked out cause i was like oh god how are the supposed to half an inch oh wait that in 3 more weeks! false alarm actually going ok. yes he is. hes still just as feisty and flary as the day i got him too
  2. Thats excellent news. there have been so many beautiful fish dqd for size so that sounds like it will be an vast improvement. Progressing well enough on there not a scrap of live food diet. I had a moment of panic they were stunted then realized they are smack bang on two weeks so barely being half a cm isnt a problem for some reason i was rounding them up to almost a month old and wondering why they were so far below the 0.6-0.8 size expectation at a month old. Nope. they are 2 weeks old All of them are between 0.3-0.5cm so on trend for now.
  3. It's July and time for the yearly plant night! This year 3 tanks will be set up in 3 distinctive styles: *Adrian - of exotic aquatic and ADA glory - Will be setting up a 'nature' style aquascape *John Lenegan - of EDAS and ANGFA - will be setting up a biotype style aqaurium * and lastly Eddie Tootal - 7 times winner/place getter for the EDAS cyril callam trophy- will be setting up a dutch style aquarium. All plants have been provided by the EDAS - plant study group. Plus all the usual fixtures: Flash-a-Plant with Eddie Table Show --> Large Tropicals: Non-rainbow natives --> Small Tropical: Tetras --> Goldfish: Orandas and shubunkins --> Plants: Ferns and Pogostemons --> Bettas: Plakats Raffle Trading Table Question Time Door Prize and SUPPER ! https://www.facebook.com/events/1455190768136374/
  4. SIRE This is the sire the day I got him. He's from an LFS I don't usually visit. But halfmoon spread, even reduction and nice colour with limited redwash (ventrals darn) With the bargain price of $15 for the pair and a decent match in store same day He convinced me I should really give CT's a proper go. DAME I got her the same day I got the boy, she's more of a comb than and full blown crown, but she's feisty. This pairs been chilling while I set up a tank for them in the **in progress*** fish garage They've been regularly flared, fed live food the whole time. Once the boy was in his own tank he had a few days to establish his territory, a couple of supervised flare sessions and then finally some in tank dates once the lady was in the tank it didnt take him long either. On his second or third date in tank with lady they got down to business. Less than an hour after releasing her and staring into our other tanks with cursery glances the pair was ok I said hey James can you pack the lady away and James said away or out there's eggs. --> 24/06/15 Oh that's a tad unexpected but welcome. lady out and fed, minor damage to her. Dad was doting and wonderful plenty hatched. I'm tossing up what to do food wise Setting up a BBS hatchery is a bit of an issue right now so they are actually on liquid fry, betta starter and decaps bbs (so 0 live food) 3 times a day with 15L added over the last week, cleaning the bottom for waste each day as well. They are also progressing really well, all are swimming well and staying at the top of the tank among the frogbit. No deaths, everyone is active and eating and they are doing well with my not quite as careful as they could be waterchanges. I'm feeling really motivated and optimistic with them it's a race against the clock but hopefully with the water changes and feeding schedule I've been doing and an abundance of tanks and water for them, if they stay this healthy I may be able to get a few up to size by the September show. (wishful thinking perhaps but just under 3 months it is possible...)
  5. Pretty sure this spawn is ALL OVER FACEBOOK. They look wonderful and they've travelled far (4? states). Remember to keep a few aside for yourself or for the show in September!! Would love to see some Aussie bred enlarged pectorals with nice form and colour
  6. The pink platinums have been looking wonderful lately In two tanks at the moment so the Juvies are growing up well and the adults are doing adult things (babies many many babies).
  7. Event is at--> https://www.facebook.com/events/1196038037094448/ Saturday, 25 July 2015, 12:30 - 16:30. Special interstate guest and also the last meeting before the September international show.
  8. ​Does anyone know how much is being done??? I feel like the delay happened and it went quiet and now i'm wondering if in 6 months it will be back to fishkeeping doomsday cause everyone sat on there heels and breathed a sigh of relief and promptly forgot it was a postponement . hopefully there's some research being carried out which will be able to provide an alternative to batch testing and the high kill rate needed.
  9. this pair is gonna have such beautiful babies.....
  10. any pics yet?? may take a few more pics soon. Theres french blues etc in boronia so why not
  11. welcome to the forum. hope you enjoy it!
  12. maddzvk

    Wild types

    we still are waiting on a few new additions too
  13. ahah always good finding ebtter way to do tyhings liek take photots. fry look they are going well
  14. maddzvk


    Welcome to the group! hope you enjoy the forum. theres pretty limited endlers in aus but theres some around and some great breeders
  15. she looks to have 4+ branching so i think your right about being a super delta.
  16. the mustard gas and the butterfly are pretty nice. Id also say they are both halfmoons i dont think they are particularly rosetailed. the finnage has a few over laps but overall the edges are clean and even and finnage looks pretty good lengthwise rosetail/feathertail when bred alot tends towards scalloped edges and the anal tends to be short and anal super long which can look super unbalanced. your boys dont display them traits though id just say they are quite well finned
  17. some great photos! when colour develops depends on the colours irids will pop up pretty early (as you can see) yellows for example take a bit longer though what are you expecting from the spawn? and what fin type is mum? cant see her too well in the bottle
  18. phwoar. just a few fish then hey
  19. It's so quiet here... HELLO...hello...hello...hel.... needs more photos and an update ash!
  20. maddzvk

    JLM28082014 F2

    certainly looking more like a sir now. (top photo) i wish we had a tophat and monocle emoticon....
  21. maddzvk

    JLM18082014 F2

    crushing on the last one a little. i love irids. they are so variable even in the same spawn (thank god when you ahev a million of them 'ey jaylee )
  22. maddzvk

    JLM28082014 F2

    ugh that young they all have ovipostors after a big feed anyway id wait a bit longer before caling it though
  23. funnily enough exotic aquatic is just that THE AUSTRALIAN ADA GALLERY its a very high honour he usually does have some for sale on the little water fall tanks on the left hand side when you enter the store. maybe hes out of stock at the moment I would thoroughly suggest having a look at liverpool creek aquarium. they have a great range of plants(some quite hard to find elsewhere) and alot of information available in the item descrition regarding conditions and difficulty etc. http://www.liverpoolcreekaquariums.com/store/c18/Mosses%2FLiverwort.html otherwise Subscape would be the other go to place for interesting plants :)" Steer clear of java, subwassertang and riccia. They are very hard to tame and maintain especially long term and tend to work thier way out from your tying . look into fissidans, pellia and rose moss (they all grow small leaved and compact and will grow and climb over the surface rather than out from it) you could also try mini bolbitis. depend swhat look you were going for i spose Best of luck!
  24. 20th September 2014 Male introduced to the spawn tank. Hes been building bubble nest mansions for ages but due to lack of mate hasnt gone for a spin in the spawn tank yet. 22nd September Female introduced to Spawn tank. Male is in lurve with the voluptious cello gold lady 24th A brief rendezvous. lady isnt to impress by the nest and they arent doing the love dance back away she goes. 26th September 2014 Spawning commenced mid afternoon. lots of eggs. parents are lazy picking them up. female is taken out just after 6. light is taken of timer so it remains on and the front of the tank is covered to reduce stress for the male. 28th September 2014 Male is removed most fry are tails beginning to adventure but i was worried about egg eating after my last few retards. 29th Spetember 2014 fish are free swimming tehre are more than expected. begin feeding of vinegar eels once a day 4th October 2014 Still on vinegar eels, have introduced decaps brine shrimp and will commence hatching bbs this week. water begins to be added to the tank approx 10L per day via an airline with a control valve on the end. This spawn look very hardy. sounds odd. but they are extremely interested in food. hang all around the tank. theres no bottom skimmers or ones looking to be behind the other swith swimming. they are growing well. ill try to take photo shortly
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