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  1. Welcome Ian, Sounds like it would of been a wonderful trip. Will look forward to seeing the process of your tank! Hope you enjoy being part of the forums instead of stalking (took me a while to finally take the plunge too!)
  2. Hachi

    endlers in aus

    I was only stating it. I did a little reading on the classification of the P. wingei and they said that the dorsal was clear or dotted with black. The only difference between the female of P. reticulata and P. wingei is that the wingei has a slightly more metallic sheen but otherwise they are drab. There's a few other differences but they're almost impossible to see without microscopes. As James said, it's almost easier to not call them pure but as an aquarium strain. My only tips is to ensure you label where the fry come fry so you don't mix a hybridized colour form with a mostly
  3. Hachi

    endlers in aus

    I had a conversation with a friend a long time ago about how to determine a pure endler. He had a book that was on guppy genetics and I remember him saying that the dorsal needs to be clear to be classed as a pure endler. Can't for the life of me remember the said book that it was in though.
  4. Hachi

    New here.

    Morning and welcome! The guys (and girls) here are incredibly helpful - except for me Anyways, hope you enjoy. Dylan
  5. Bloody hell. Now I think I like L numbers. Its at least 1 or 2 numbers of the same species. So much easier then all that.
  6. Hachi

    Hi All :)

    Hi Ronny, Welcome to the nuthouse.... I mean AusAqua forums. Please enjoy our free hospitality... Yada yada yada. In all seriouseness, nice pair but I would be looking at the anal fin within the fry. The males is a bit long :)
  7. Razzi, you sound like me, but by the time you sit down on the computer your over putting the spawn log up
  8. Even less work for you then I hope it goes well. If you need to find hastatus, I know someone (someone) has some as I saw them today Otherwise ask the LFS if they can order them in
  9. All corydoras should be in groups of 4 or more. They are a very social fish. I keep my pandas in a group of 4 and seem fine with it I think 3 Female Bettas, 4-6 Rummynoses and 4 dwarf corys (hastatus etc.) would be fine in a tank. Would be a little more maintenance than you currently do but probably not too much. I've never found serpaes to be nippy but I guess I never really kept them for a long time either.
  10. I'm assuming its about a 45cm long tank for it to be 40L. For your tank size you don't really want anything that exceeds about 5cm otherwise it'll become extra work for you If so you can start with a lot of various bottom feeders. I personally would go for a group (4-7) corydoras. Probably something less boisterous like panda, trillieneatus (also known as julii), hastatus or even pygmus. Otherwise ottos or small plecos (L104, or even a juvenile hypancistrus - l333, l066 etc). For the rest of the tank a small to medium schooling tetra. Something like a Serpae or Rosy. I hope that help
  11. Ugh, does that mean I have to dig through my photos?
  12. 6mm glass, are you asking for a flooded loungeroom? Oh... this is a betta forum not a monster fish forum... Got my sites mixed up
  13. Hey Tallee, You will also want to consider thickness of the glass as well. Even though its a small tank you will want to make sure its sturdy enough to withstand everyday wear and tear (especially since its a work tank). The following link is a useful calculator if you plan to make your own aquariums. I would recommend using 3.8 safety factor or above. Probably even 5 for a work tank if it will get bumped alot. http://www.theaquatools.com/building-your-aquarium I would say a 25cm cube would be ideal for keeping a betta in a low maintenance situation but due to size constraints I would
  14. Hachi


    Hey all, I'm from Brisbane, Queensland. I've been in fish for roughly 18 months and have been breeding several types of fish. Fallen in love with bettas and now keeping and breeding not only fancy splendens but expanding into wilds Otherwise there isn't much to me. Hope to have some fun. Hachi
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