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  1. Welcome Ian, Sounds like it would of been a wonderful trip. Will look forward to seeing the process of your tank! Hope you enjoy being part of the forums instead of stalking (took me a while to finally take the plunge too!)
  2. I predict little fish More importantly, I know that the female carries the nr2 gene and possibly homozygous for it. From memory there was no red from her siblings. Therefore leaning on homozygous nr2 or a red-loss coming into play (possible since most of the males because pure white dragons). The female does have decent dragon heritage, so hopefully that carries through and obviously marbling. As for the male, I have no clue for genetic background. He was labelled as a giant when I purchased him but he's not really above normal size. They both need work on their caduals, but I'm not overly concerned about it right now. Will be a nice refreshing spawn and to test out my plans.
  3. Ok, here be the fishes I have chosen to undertake this huge feat. Male: And the girlie: Neither fish were overly photogenic today. Excuse to horrible particle filled tanks as well. I had just waterchanged and stirred up all the mess by accident Hachi/Dylan
  4. Thanks guys! I've got a week off after next week, so I shall tinker with my spawning "suite" and get it ready, shouldn't be long before Queensland weather allows for spawning (without heaters)
  5. So, thanks to the lovely Brention and Maddzk I got "dragged" back to the forum and seeing everyone's lovely babies I'm itching to start spawning again. Why are you all so cruel to me! Besides for that point, I am planning on waiting for my weather to stabilize a little bit further and will be doing a spawn completely outside. Not to mention I need to work on my waterchange/drainage system so it requires less of my attention. Probably will start with something fairly basic for my first spawn this season. Male is most probably a het metallic royal blue plakat and the female is from my failed blue dragon project (#brednotbought). She's a marbled steel blue with partial dragon influence. I'll have to do a proper photo shoot this weekend for them and maybe even start the first meet'n'greets through glass. Anyways, enough of my rambling, I will post up the pictures this weekend! Hachi/Dylan
  6. Genetics are only difficult because we can't always indentify the genes at play and then spanner's get thrown in the works. As James said, Brenton would be the person you should try to talk to. He's surpassed me in betta genetics a long time ago
  7. Hachi

    endlers in aus

    I was only stating it. I did a little reading on the classification of the P. wingei and they said that the dorsal was clear or dotted with black. The only difference between the female of P. reticulata and P. wingei is that the wingei has a slightly more metallic sheen but otherwise they are drab. There's a few other differences but they're almost impossible to see without microscopes. As James said, it's almost easier to not call them pure but as an aquarium strain. My only tips is to ensure you label where the fry come fry so you don't mix a hybridized colour form with a mostly pure colour form
  8. Hachi

    endlers in aus

    I had a conversation with a friend a long time ago about how to determine a pure endler. He had a book that was on guppy genetics and I remember him saying that the dorsal needs to be clear to be classed as a pure endler. Can't for the life of me remember the said book that it was in though.
  9. Hachi

    New here.

    Morning and welcome! The guys (and girls) here are incredibly helpful - except for me Anyways, hope you enjoy. Dylan
  10. Hachi

    JLM28082014 F2

    Man I miss the tediousness it was to siphon a fry tank. I remember the old fine dishcloth over air hose. Oh wait.... that's why I'm automating it this summer Besides for that fact, the babies look awesome. Look forward to the end result, loved some of the parent's sibling when they went up for sale. Dylan
  11. I think we need to think of Extended red as a partial dominant. My red line of CTPK babies shows partial extended red yet the dad was full extended and the mum had non (or partial - need to recheck photos). But that is only from one spawn, I would need a few more tests to consolidate that statement.
  12. Bloody hell. Now I think I like L numbers. Its at least 1 or 2 numbers of the same species. So much easier then all that.
  13. Yea. I felt like that when I went to update these logs. There wasn't really much to say I just wanted people to know I was still alive
  14. Lazy Haven't been doing alot with the fish the last few days, it's on tomorrow agenda?
  15. Well these guys have grown from specks to slightly bigger specks. I moved about 30 into a separate tank and they've definitely grown faster than their sibling counterparts. I think I will have to move my smaragdina out of their tub and put these guys in to get them to grow
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