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  1. you have created a monster lolol I love photographs
  2. success. I downloaded google chrome. still cant get them to work through explorer this is one of my newest spawn. not sure if it is my vt or ct spawn. I took so many photos I forgot to log the numbers lolol
  3. ok I had a look. I am running internet explorer 11. I also tried using putting a photo up with firefox. finally remembered my sign in for this forum, so uploaded ausaqua with firefox, but couldn't get phototobucket photos to load because IT was running through explorer. tried to find photobucket with firefox. there was my biggest mistake, what I thought was photobucket. wasn't. was the biggest heap of spam and add on garbage I have ever seen. has taken me ages to uninstall it all back of my computer.
  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thought I would be smart and log in with firefox. I couldn't log in as I forgot my username and password. I just keep it open on the favorites bar of explorer. I don't have a clue which explorer version I have as they update all the time.
  5. cool, then I'm not stupid after all. thought I was going mad for a while there.
  6. and nothing in between if I try with the image icon, after I put the url in the box the pop up freezes and I can't get it to go any further. I have to go out of Ausaqua and come back in.
  7. [ img ][ img ] the url doesn't come up. no matter whether I copy paste it or press copy in my photo bucket. either way nothing I give up I'm going to bed. I have to be up at 6.30
  8. [ no go it doesn't work I think I lost you. what is a url? [] []
  9. I'm trying to work out how to put photos up. nothing seems to work
  10. I kind of like the like button. at least you know someone out there has read what you have written. can be very hollow not knowing if someone has at least had the time to read your posts
  11. thank you for you help, and the welcome. I'm having a bit of trouble navigating the forum posting thing. I still cant work out how to post a photo properly
  12. I am interested in any information on breeding elephant ear bettas. I have a white male with a blue pearl sheen, but I live in Tasmania and the laws here are very strict, so getting a female to match may be near impossible. being a recessive trait, is there a way that I can breed the ee gene into any young? will breeding father to any daughters give me ee young, or is that breeding too close. I cant work out how to post a photo of the male
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