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  1. JayM

    JLM24042016 F2

    3 weeks old Growing well & can see ventrals on a lot of them yayy. grin emoticonFry count - 85
  2. JayM

    JLM24042016 F2

    2 weeks old All growing & feeding well. Fry count - 55
  3. JayM

    JLM24042016 F2

    1 week old Spawn going great. Feeding bbs 4 times a day & around 55 fry.
  4. JayM

    JLM24042016 F2

    Mr Wave & Mrs Wave Spawned 22 April 2016, tails 24 April 2016. Free swimming 25 April & Dad removed 26 April. He did a great job. Around 50 fry, all now exploring the tank & eating 3 times a day.
  5. JayM

    F2 Melano geno HM

    Silly jumper. He's nice.
  6. JayM

    Melano HM x Royal Blue HM

  7. JayM

    Pairs for F2

    I know. He's all like Hello pretty lady, look at my little bubble nest & she's like, meh. Will set up the spawning tank & maybe her ovarys will kick in.
  8. JayM

    JLM02012016 F2

    I had to cull another 10 last week so not sure but isn't a big percentage. Some look like they have EE but it's just the colouring. Should get more with F3.
  9. JayM

    Melano HM x Royal Blue HM

    Pretty, pretty, pretty.
  10. JayM

    Pairs for F2

    They're in the dating tank, she isn't showing much interest.
  11. JayM

    JLM02012016 F2

    Some of the males & females at 3 months old.
  12. JayM

    Pairs for F2

    I've got 4 pairs picked & these will be the first lot. Silver Surfer & Miss Surfer
  13. JayM

    JLM02012016 F2

    Very happy with this spawn. Keeping 2 males & a couple of females.
  14. JayM

    F2 Melano geno HM

    Wow, very nice. Love pic 1 & 3.
  15. JayM

    F2 HMPK Steel x marble

    Ooooooooooooooo very nice. Love the top boy.