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  1. JayM

    JLM24042016 F2

    3 weeks old Growing well & can see ventrals on a lot of them yayy. grin emoticonFry count - 85
  2. JayM

    JLM24042016 F2

    2 weeks old All growing & feeding well. Fry count - 55
  3. JayM

    JLM24042016 F2

    1 week old Spawn going great. Feeding bbs 4 times a day & around 55 fry.
  4. Mr Wave & Mrs Wave Spawned 22 April 2016, tails 24 April 2016. Free swimming 25 April & Dad removed 26 April. He did a great job. Around 50 fry, all now exploring the tank & eating 3 times a day.
  5. Silly jumper. He's nice.
  6. JayM

    Pairs for F2

    I know. He's all like Hello pretty lady, look at my little bubble nest & she's like, meh. Will set up the spawning tank & maybe her ovarys will kick in.
  7. JayM

    JLM02012016 F2

    I had to cull another 10 last week so not sure but isn't a big percentage. Some look like they have EE but it's just the colouring. Should get more with F3.
  8. JayM

    Pairs for F2

    They're in the dating tank, she isn't showing much interest.
  9. JayM

    JLM02012016 F2

    Some of the males & females at 3 months old.
  10. JayM

    Pairs for F2

    I've got 4 pairs picked & these will be the first lot. Silver Surfer & Miss Surfer
  11. JayM

    JLM02012016 F2

    Very happy with this spawn. Keeping 2 males & a couple of females.
  12. Wow, very nice. Love pic 1 & 3.
  13. Ooooooooooooooo very nice. Love the top boy.
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