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Betta Australis is Proud to Announce the 2012 Betta Show...


Division A: Halfmoon Single Tail

A1. Red STM (Dark and Light Body)

A2. Black STM

A3. Dark Iridescent STM

A4. Light Solid Color STM

A5. Patterned STM

A6. Metallic Dark STM

A7. Metallic Light STM

Division B: Halfmoon Doubletail

B1. Dark Solid Color DTM

B2. Light Solid Color DTM

B3. Patterned DTM

B4. Metallic Dark/Light DTM

Division C: Crowntail Single Tail

C1. Red/Black CTM

C2. Dark Iridescent CTM

C3. Light Solid CTM

C4. Patterned CTM

C5. Black Orchid CTM

C6. Metallic Dark CTM

C7. Metallic Light CTM

Division D: Shortfin Single Tail

D1. Red STM Show Plakat

D2. Black STM Show Plakat

D3. Blue STM Show Plakat

D4. Steel STM Show Plakat

D5. Green/Turquoise STM Show Plakat

D6. Light Solid Color Show Plakat

D7. Bicolor/Butterfly STM Show Plakat

D8. Marble/Grizzled/Multicolor STM Show Plakat

D9. Metallic Dark STM Show Plakat

D10. Metallic Light STM Show Plakat

D11. Halfmoon Shortfin

Best in Class - Certificate + Small Prize from Sponsor

Division Awards:First - $25 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Second - $15 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Third - $10 Prizemoney, Certificate and Ribbon

Division A-D Winners compete for BOS & RBOS

BOS - $100 Prizemoney, Trophy, Certificate and Sash

RBOS - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy, Certificate and Sash

Division E: Breeders Division

E1. Color or Form Variations - (eg DT Plakat, DT CT, Crown plakat, Dumbo etc)

E2. Form and Finnage - (exceptional form fish which does not comply to any colour class eg purple, dalamatian, half black etc. What is generally known as AOC Emphasis is strongly on the FORM, not COLOUR

E3. Pairs - (Match spawn siblings)

Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs

F1. Bubble-nesters (small )

F2. Bubble-nesters (medium/large)

F3. Mouth-brooders ( small)

F4. Mouth-brooders (large)

Division G: Optional Classes

G1. Photography

G2. Illustration

G3. Crafts

Division H: Female Classes

H1. Solid Color HM/Plakat Female

H2. Patterned HM/Plakat Female

H3. Solid Color CT Female

H4. Patterned CT Female

Division I: Temporary Classes

I1. Traditional Plakat

I2. Giant Plakat

I3. Veiltail

Division Awards:First - $25 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Second - $15 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Third - $10 Prizemoney, Certificate and Ribbon

Not eligible to compete for BOS

Any class with less than 3 entries will be combined

a/ Entries to be either filled out online, posted to "The Secretary" Betta Australis Inc. 55 Capella Streel Coorparoo 4151, emailed to enquiries@bettaaustralis.com or phoned to Jarrod Nielsen on 0419 828 084

b/ Entry Fee is $5.00 per nominated entry.

c/ Entries close 5pm Wednesday 5th September 2012, late entries may not be accepted due to space.

d/ Entry Fee must accompany the Entry Form. Cheques to be made payable to Betta Australis Inc. Direct deposit details can be supplied upon request.

e/ Entries may be installed from Friday 7th September 2012 between 5.00pm and 10.00pm, Saturday 8th September 2012 between 8.00am and 11.00am in the WD Williamson Pavilion.

f/ Hands out of entries at 11.00am Saturday 8th September 2012 and judging will be Saturday 8th September 2012 at 12.00pm.

g/ Equipment supplied includes - beanie boxes, stands, lights, Heating cords, power supply and air supply.

h/ All bettas excluding the Veiltail class will be judged in accordance with IBC judging criteria. Veiltail class will be judged using the Bettas4All Veiltail Show Standard

i/ Entries to be removed between 1.00pm and 4.00pm Sunday 9th September 2012.

j/ All care is taken with entries, but Betta Australis accept no responsibility for any loss or damages incured.

k/ Stewards collective decision is final.

l/ A copy of the rules and standards will be available upon request at all times.

m/ All entries must be displayed in supplied container, NO free standing entries admitted.

n/ LFS will be accepting local and shipped entries on Thursday 6th September and Friday 7th September only. If shipping/dropping fish off, please ensure fish arrive on those days only.

Entry Forms will be available from Wednesday 25th July

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Show schedule :

Thursday 6th September - Friday 7th September 11am - 7pm: someone accepting shipped interstate entries/local entries at shop.

Friday 7th September (5pm - 10pm) : Benching in

Saturday 8th September (8am - 11am) : Benching in

Saturday 8th September (12pm - 2pm) : Judging

Saturday 8th September (2pm) : Judges afternoon tea break

Saturday 8th September (3pm - 6pm) : Judging

Saturday 8th September (6pm - ?) : Club BBQ at showgrounds and awards presentation

Sunday 9th September (6am - 1pm) : Show open to public

Sunday 9th September (1pm - 4pm): Benchout/Pack up

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Very well done Jarrod and congratulations to Betta Australis!!

I didn't get a chance to go through the rules in any real detail, but I'm assuming you'll be opening this comp to non members??? Also have you "advertised" on other Australian forums?

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Thanks Paul, we have put a lot of hours as a club towards organizing our first major show. It is getting pretty exciting now the date is looming :D

The show is open to EVERYONE and ANYONE regardless of club membership. This is all about spreading the love and sharing with the community. We have a number of international entries and hope to have some interstate entries as well. We will have space for a maximum of 120 entries, so if we fill that number, it will be an amazing sight to see.

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Best part of this show is EVERYONE can enter fish.

Man, I can't wait to bench in, stand back and take it all in.

Ps. We are promoting this on as many sites and as much as possible. Feel free to copy and use elsewhere, on line or by flyers in your LFS. We would greatly appreciate the support.


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I have designed and uploaded some print quality (300dpi) posters and flyers that can be printed out and distributed to your local pet stores, community notice boards and anywhere else you may think will give the club and show some exposure.

Please help promote this, as we would love it to be a HUGE success :D

A3 - http://db.tt/DVn92RYM

A4 - http://db.tt/NzWTCvEN

A5 - http://db.tt/Q8IfglpI

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  • 2 weeks later...

Shadoh - I wish, my giants are looking amazing, but they're 1cm long.... my super blue (singluar) is more round tail than D shaped, and everything else has been turned into PK or "crown tail" after spawn efforts... *sigh* no pretty display fush.

I am toying with buying one of someone's and just sending it over to the show!!! CHEATER PUMPKIN EATER!

If something worthwhile comes up I'll totally enter!

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Not cheating Ness, that's exactly what I'll be doing if my juvies are still undersize. I don't really have anything show worthy, except my giants, which need more exercise to get their HMPK form back. At the moment, I am double dosing everything with blackworm and strict waterchange/exercise sessions. A lot of us have had a crappy cold season. I lost ALL of my show winners from June's show...

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That's upsetting Jarrod. Feel for you mate.

I currently have 5 entries for the September show. All bought from someone. My Black Orchid CT pair that I will enter separately, my wild males, and a Royal Blue HM male.

I'm pretty upset that no one bought the Steel Blue show grade HM male JL had for sale, and he eventually lost form, slowly faded away and died. The same thing was happening with the Royal Blue show grade HM male, and even though I am not a fan of Half Moons, I bought him as a rescue. Hopefully I will have him in shape for the comp.

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  • 2 weeks later...

We say that but I noticed a lot if not most of the fish that will be shown were bought from jl or other places not from own breeding efforts and those fish were imports. I feel that competitions should be for personally bred fish not bought ones because it seems those with the cash have the advantage, its like paying to win. Sorry if I upset anyone just speaking my mind and voicing my opinion that's all.

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Yes, it is true that a lot of the "Aussie" entries will be bought fish. I myself, although originally planning to enter my self bred fish, find myself in the position of having to enter fish I've bought due to disastrous fishroom dramas leading to multiple deaths of my own stock. I, however will be entering some of my own fish.

One part of the Betta Australis and the IBC (of which Betta Australis is a member) is to promote breeding of these fish.

Part of that is establishing a show circuit. Something Australia does not currently have. Something that needs support and nurturing by the Australian Betta community, for without support, a show circuit will never get off the ground.

Yes, these early shows will contain a majority of imports.

The hopes are that these shows will show non-Betta people that Bettas are more than the $5 Veiltail from the LFS and inspire people to breed their own fish.

I dream of a day when we hold a show where all Australian entries are Australian bred, but once again, this needs to be nurtured by the local Betta community through local clubs and forums such as this. Realistically, the number of people breeding show quality stock is low when viewed on a national average. We need to get people interested in breeding.

I'm sorry the idea of the show brings out any cynicism in you.

It does the opposite in me. It inspires me to not only want to breed and maintain my own show lines, talk to anyone who will listen about these fish, supply my own locally bred fish when I have them to others and give any help/advice to people who ask my help.

Most of all, it drives me to try and make an Australian show circuit a reality. I don't know about you, but I would love to put my own fish. Fish that I have bred myself against the best in the world in the show arena.

In short, a show containing a majority of Australian bred Bettas is going to take time and a lot of support and hard work, but I'm willing to put everything I can into one day seeing it happen. Are you?

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Very well said mate. :-).

These things take time, if we held a show for Aussie bred fish only at this stage, it would be a sad show. This is the SECOND show we have held, first big one. We need to learn how to walk before we attempt to run. :-).

A big emphasis of the club is BREEDING quality fish. Once more people are doing this and we can encourage people to enter their prize fish from interstate in the show, THEN we are in with a shot.

I guess the big thing is this will take time to establish a decent locally bred show circuit. For it to become a reality we need ALL clubs to participate where possible, then hopefully hold their own shows that we can enter our fish.

This time last year, Jarrod could have held a show on his own. He had soooo many fish it was nuts. He was the only one in the club that had his own bred fish in numbers. Now, due to "life", he has no fish available (not many but a few stunners we hope are ready) and a few others have fish not quite ready (my whites as eg).

Hopefully next year we will start to award points at each show, breeder receives points as well as owner. If you show your own fish and win, you get both lots of points. This way your locally bred fish may not win against a bought fish but at the end of the year, the person breeding his/her own fish will win overall.

I do understand your point Chi, but these things take time and patience. We can't do this ourselves, no matter how much we try. If what you want is a locally bred show only, then start breeding quality fish and get entering in as many shows as possible. This can be a reality. :-)

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Do either of you two sleep?

Two very good posts guys.

I would love to have my own bred fish to enter, but being new to the hobby and wanting to be apart of the show, I will only have store bought fish to enter.

But it looks like my Royal Blue HM male won't be in the show as his dorsal fin has gone to sh!t. :((

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I sleep when I am at work Pete, too much to do at home. :-).

Sorry your boy is not looking good. Good food, good water and a little luck, who knows.....these fish can bounce back pretty quick once the problem is rectified. :-)

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This same topic came up at our last VB meet, and while I wish I was a bit more ~fluid~ in the financial department to purchase something worth showing, ship it to melbourne, out to the show, and then back to me (if it survives!)

I just don't have any showstoppers in my tanks at the moment... so I won't be showing/participating, but I will be trying to get up there for the show if I can (I'm dollar poor but not time poor!! ....hmm maybe there's a correlation?)

However, on the topic of locally bred (breeder=shower) versus purchased fish (shower bought a good fish, didn't breed it) Is actually standard practice in all the big betta shows... infact all fish shows - dog shows, horse shows.. hmm...

Preecha (Thailand) is one of the 'buyers' for many international exhibitors that want to "support" betta breeding, the show scene and the styles of fish that are out in the world - but don't want to get involved with the breeding.

So they just buy them... and show them... and win.

It's a bit of a skewiff way of doing things, but there are few shows that actually actively reward the exhibitor for actually breeding the fish.

Now that I think of it, it's a much easier way of doing things, what I wouldn't give for a barracks full of excellent show fish that I just buy up before a VB meet... (oh wait - I'd still miss out on the VB awarded breeder points.)

I guess at this stage its just good that there is something like a betta show scene developing in Australia - lord knows the respective (active) states have been working our boobies off to get this scene up and running.

What's it been? 2ish years, boys? ...since we started voicing things like "IBC sanctioned shows" and promoting the craft of breeding these fish?

Anyway - I'm eyes on the thread, quiet but interested.

Sad that I'm not involved (we all know I love being a show pony) but perhaps I can come up there and do a little bit of interpretative dance between water changes.


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Ness, I am sure we could add a "betta themed" interpretative dance class to Division G (Optional classes including art, photography and craft) just to get you involved in the show :D

In fact, Don't own a Betta? Fish have performance anxiety? Don't worry, There is a Betta related arts and crafts division. Get out the camera, pick up a paintbrush, dust off that pottery wheel you bought after watching "Ghost" (Cut and past from the club facebook page...) I know you have some amazing photos on file Ness. Maybe you could enter one or 2 of those :D

Yes, quite a few of us have been trying to get something like this off the ground for some time. At least baby steps are finally being taken :)

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