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  1. hi Jay, nice CTs. Colour wise, all except batman are Cambodian. all look like females except batman and robin do you have other spawns?
  2. I don't often vac the gravel... I'm slack and a bad fish keeper... but when I find some time I use a cheep turkey baster with the bulb pulled off and the fine end plugged into the same tubing you have. The broad part stirs up the gravel but allows it to fall back down. It can suck up gravel and get jammed, but it works and is a cheep easy diy
  3. Hmmmm.... I also was convinced hm pk male.... but... Eggs definitely means female!!! It's the only guaranteed way of determining sex
  4. Try popping the light source right up the front of the tank and angled backwards just a tiny bit. I think you'll see an instant improvement in your pics. Looks good, btw.
  5. Have an awesome day Lisa. Happy birthday. All these September birthdays, makes me tgink our parents could have been a little more imaginative around Christmas/new year!
  6. Happy belated birthday, Neff. Hope it was a great 1!
  7. I know Ness will be pleased .... She really wants the WIN! So I'm nominashionating this pic. You know, this gives her 2 nominashionated pics giving her the highest chance of winning just from a numbers point of view.... Get those cameras out people... and at least make her sweat a little! Haha
  8. What a spectacular effort and amazing success! Kinda dissapointed that I didn't come up for the weekend. CONGRATULATIONS, and well done for maintaining the momentum to get through it. It is painfully obvious how much hard work this must have been. Well done to all involved and I can't wait to see how much bigger the show will be next month. Haha!
  9. Words is art... Ness is artist. Just because the word isn't found in any dicksionhairy or if it ain't spellet correct-like don't mean it ain't fun or fun-ctional... Art rite? Favourite quote from one of my uncles... "I speaky the England very best, but no good the spellet!" Art!
  10. Very unusual result Jarrod. Are these the only two that have ended up this colour? It looks like they are dark bodied teal to me. Blue green with that shimmering green/gold overlying it that constantly changes. But for this to happen, both parents need to have been heterogenous metallic. You would then have all the blues with all the ranges of metallic to non metallic showing up in the fry (if you have enough fry to make that statistically possible). If they are the only ones, then maybe your seeing they are metallic (heterozygous) royal blue and they were lucky enough to develop the mu
  11. Haha! Actually Chi you raise an interesting point... Do fish fart? If they swallow air... Surely they have to fart? Anyone seen it? Heard it?
  12. He's got some serious web reduction and an intense yellow colour. Nice score - especially for a LFS find
  13. You could check www.aquadvisor.com There's a calculator that checks if you're overstocked - but it needs to know filtration (guesstimate it by using a surrogate brand filter with equivalent flow rate). Might give you the answer you need.
  14. Very well done Jarrod and congratulations to Betta Australis!! I didn't get a chance to go through the rules in any real detail, but I'm assuming you'll be opening this comp to non members??? Also have you "advertised" on other Australian forums?
  15. Lol. Perhaps they misunderstood Ness' reference to boy's in miniskirts (meaning HMPKs) and went for the other fancy type of Thai boys
  16. I just love the fact that she's forgotten her web cam on and broadcasting everything while running around nude! Not that I've been recording it or nothin' !!!
  17. Hey Joan, I don't think I'm terribly snail friendly... I had three of these. One died about two weeks ago, one diasppeared at around the same time, one died a few days back. I haven't seen any snails orbabysnails in the tank. The one that was left was the one that had the eggs on it's shell, but as I said.. no babies seen. Will have to wait and see what happens. I guess keeping numbers down can be hard if there are no predators in the tank with plenty of greens and left over food. Maybe using the same techniques that you already are, but when the snail are most active (e.g. at night)... or
  18. Adam, from what I understand someone used to breed but gave it up many years ago to focus on importing top quality stock.
  19. If you're looking at breeding him to get more fish the same colour as him, then your best bet is to breed him with a red, yellow, orange or black female. Minimal irids is the idea. Any of these will give you red fish, the marble/butterfly thing will pop up randomly in the fry. A black female will probably mean the fry turn out dark bodies reds rather than Cambodian.
  20. you visited there the other day. I picked them up at Auburn Aquarium today. Ask me about them in a few months, I might have some xtra
  21. Not sure how this one works, but I think the photo Lilly took is excellent and deserves to be nominated... it just needed a little help to become better, so I'm helping! ;)
  22. Hey all, just bought red ramshorns for a newly scaped tank. Does anyone know if these guys lay their eggs onto their shells... or is this just a "accident"?
  23. I didn't spot this yesterday... Happy Belated Birthday Michael!!!
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