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  1. I don't keep Macs, but keep a number of other wilds, and listened to a talk on wilds and especially Macs from Hermanus. Tank size, probably at least a 2.5 foot tank, suitably aquascaped. Hermanus has for one pair, a breeding tank, a tank to move the female in to while the male is holding, a fry tank for young fry and a larger grow out tank for when the fry get larger. "Problems" people who own mouth brooders have encountered, are that females can harass holding males, predate on fry once released if left in the same tank, try and spawn with the male as soon as it releases fry, not giving the male a rest and time to feed up and recover.
  2. I think you mean to say "won't" not "can't". If Ash has given her permission for the IBC to use her photos, then the only thing stopping the IBC from doing so, is the IBC.
  3. briztoon

    Storm Theory

    Are we due for a storm this afternoon? I just glanced over at my indoor tanks and the Hendra pair are wrapping in his pipe. Most of my wilds spawn pretty regularly wether it's stormy or not, but I have noticed lot's of coordinated spawns right before a storm is due to hit. I live in a bit of a rain shadow area. Generally the worst of the storms go around us.
  4. briztoon

    Storm Theory

    The storm theory, I believe, is based on the the drop in barometric pressure, fish know it's going to storm, there's going to be an influx of fresh water, insects are going to breed providing a source of live food, etc. For us northerners, and I would hazard a guess and say those who live in the tropics, it's not a theory, it's just the way of life. As for how my fish do it. I don't do anything with my wilds, just go about their business.
  5. http://kb.rspca.org.au/What-is-the-most-humane-way-to-euthanase-aquarium-fish_403.html
  6. It's not you, it's natural instinct. Quite simply most of your fish are food for larger fish, and birds that dive from above. Any light, bright or not, above a pretty sparsely decorated tank will send your fish hiding, especially as they never know what kingfisher is sitting above the light where they can't see. Dimly lit water is a bit safer to move around in. In the LFS, usually there are many fish in a small tank, and it's a case of safety in numbers. The fish know there is a much greater chance that the predators will pick off some one else in the school. Also tetras like to be in schools of the same species. They are much more skittish when there is only one or two of their own species about. You can put 20 different species of individual tetra in a tank and they will never school and they will feel lonely. I know people like to see differences in body shape and colour, but many fish like to be in a school of their own type. I don't know how big the tank is, but your tetra would be happier if they were in schools of at least 6 per species.
  7. Ahhhh you're Jays friend then.
  8. Welcome Greg from one wild fan to another. I keep wild Splendens and Coccina complex species. Though I really like B. foerschi and almost bought a pair from JL. Did you go up to the Caboolture show on the weekend and see all the wilds that were entered? A pair of B. albimarginata won the wild division. Hermanus from Indonesia was the head Judge and supplies Fishchicks with many wilds, he gave a talk on how he keeps and breeds wilds If you are interested, Betta Australis meets in the Ace Comics game room in the arcade third Tuesday night of every month, and quite a few members keep and breed wilds.
  9. Ahhh Ashlea I'm always envious of your photos and fish. Your tanks, your beautiful fish and your success inspire me. I really hope you have success with your Brownorum as they are one of the hardest Coccina complex bettas to spawn.
  10. I have ferts left over from when I used to have some low tech planted tanks and occasionally add a little to my betta tanks, but realistically I don't have to. I've gone months without using ferts that I know they're not needed in my tanks. I zip tie Anubis, Java fern and Java moss to driftwood in my betta tanks and have Water Sprite floating at the surface. Water sprite has amazing roots and absorb so much from the water column. It's a fast grower and throws so many "pups" that it's self sustaining. I usually throw the larger plants from my tanks in to my tubs out side.
  11. While we're here any way, what's your problem with hatching BBS? Have you googled how to set up your own DIY BBS hatchery on youtube? I'll be making one this week as my Guitar Smaragdina spawned today (hooray my first spawn of the season). I'll try and take some photos as I make it. It's very important you use quality brine shrimp eggs, and they should be kept in the fridge in an air tight container. You do not want moisture getting in to your eggs. Do you add salt to your water that you are attempting to hatch the bbs out in?
  12. Year old thread Brenton. Where/how did you find it? I always wonder how people find really old threads.
  13. Root tabs only really benefit the plant they are under. Some plats like Anubis and Java fern absorb nutrients out of the water column, while others absorb nutrients from the substrate. If you are considering fast growing plants you might need to look at a high tech set up with Co2, etc.
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