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  1. paul

    JLM11012015 F3

    Just be careful that it is irid and not ich. 1/2 dose protozin if it looks ich-y.
  2. paul

    Storm spawn

    Yes. .. I'm still lurking around. Hey razzi, could your yellow girl be a he??
  3. The path to good webbing reduction may need to see you cross back to a long fin ct with exceptional rays and web reduction. Might add a couple more generations to your breeding plans. Good luck!
  4. He's a black orchid butterfly. So he's black (either black lace, melano or double black), he's copper but with wild-type spread (ie blbl, ++, sisi) and he's got butterfly.... so has almost nothing to do with white genetics
  5. You could also breed with the mustard gas male in the background of the photo. You would expect to get some blues and multi-coloured from that pairing. You may even get some mustard gas popping up too. He looks like he's probably a halfmoon and she has some good branching in her caudal so you might also get some decent superdelta or halfmoons out as well
  6. couple of thoughts here... very green water suggests loads of dissolved nutrients... and thereby may represent loads of waste. Now I can't remember exactly the details of this, but ammonia and ammonium are two forms of tthis waste. The pH will determine the form the ammonia/um is in and one is more toxic than the other. A water change can quickly change the pH and cause the less toxic form become toxic and kill off the fish with ammonia/um burns. very green water might also mean cyanobacteria, not just algae (i.e. toxic blue-green algae). I don't get why this should be an issue after the water change seeing as the toxins would be present before... unless the shift in water parameters allows the blue-green algae to rapidly flourish after the water change and then release toxins as they reproduce. Dunno
  7. excessive amounts of "worm juice" floating around in your tank water will be just like excess waste. it's not usable by the fry, it'll be broken down by bacteria into ammonia/nitrate/nitrites and thereby be harmful to the fry. as the fry grow, you won't need to grate the frozen bloodworms. you can thaw them out, "drain" the excess juice by placing them on some absorbent paper towel and then feed the fish. in the meantime, more appropriate mid sized foods might be a better option.... grindals are great... chopped up live blackworms are awesome too ( you can really get them quite small by using a scalpel or old school razor blade
  8. does the girl also have some dumbo heritage?
  9. paul

    Yeast as first food

    I'd guess the yeast organisms would be too small even as first day food and definitely too small beyond 2 or 3 days. Don't know if there's any science to it... just seems like yeast as food wouldn't cut mustard. ...... other spreadable condiments perhaps. .. but not mustard
  10. paul

    Hunting Green

    Hey Brenton... I know only some of what Joep knows seeing as I read mostly his info on betta genetics to learn what I know now. Regarding your dame and the boy you've got in the pics above, I don't know exactly what genetics we are looking at. I assume the girl came from this spawn: http://www.ausaqua.net/index.php/topic/14909-royal-blue-ct-pair/ If so, it's a little odd that Jarrod thought both parents were royal blue, but he ended up with blue and turquoise only, and that your girl should look metallic? ?? I'm really not sure if she is metallic at all. So if she's turquoise, then they boy you have pictured is a cross between a non-metallic and a dragon... thereby could only be best described as a partial dragon (and not metallic green, BlBl++). Note as an interesting side point he also has butterfly type coloration in his fins... so you'll get some marbles and butterflies out of him too. Dunno if any of that is helpful. Just thought I'd chime in.
  11. auburn aquarium usually buys good quality fish at about 1/3 retail price. (ie $10 if they sell them for $30). other aquariums might do the same for you closer to home
  12. ha! invisible ghost fry! I wouldn't worry too much Brenton Let it all settle and the fry will survive just be sure that your heater hasn't cracked from being exposed to air whilst still running. good luck with this lot. I'm sure they'll be just fine
  13. I think that's an epileptic fit!
  14. I've heard breeders attributing early fry losses like this to protozoal infestations in the past. I don't know how they know, or whether it's just blind treatment, but they have recommended half dose protozin dosing for young fry where they are dying off en masse.
  15. tough call, but from the pics I actually think girl 3 has better form than girl 1. it looks like 3 has sharper corners on her caudal than 1 and she has a better shaped and shorter anal. despite the slight "combtail" frilliness of her fins I think 3 wins in my opinion.
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