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My surprise new fish.


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After losing my new Red CT boy I was pretty down last week. I shared what happened and received a very interesting pm from Jim (jha) saying he had a little surprise for me. Wouldn't give me any other info but said he was excited to see this line bred. To say I was surprised and touched by his generosity is an understatement.

The pair arrived yesterday and settled into the barracks well. Have eaten a good feed of black worms and looking eager for the spawn tank. :-).

First the girl. All the photos she looks metallic with a bit of red wash in her anal but IRL she is a metallic PURPLE. Most amazing color but impossible to catch on film. You will have to take my word (Jarrod and Jim are eye witnesses.).





Both fish don't sit still. Hypo. Need a bump for boy. He is pretty special. :-).

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Ok. The boy is how he looks. Metallic Grizzled CT ??

Not sure if Jim knew of my relationship with marbles but this boy is amazing. I think these fish mack a fantastic pair and can't wait to see the results. :-)

Again, this guy refuses to sit still.





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I am extremely grateful to Jim and must say the fish were packed perfectly (I took notes lol) and the quality and health of the fish is top notch. I have seen quite a few pairs that Jarrod has purchased from Jim and the fish have always arrive safely and in good health.

I must say, in the time I have been associated with this site (18 mths??), I have met some wonderful people from almost every state in Australia. In this time, on numerous occasions, from many different people, you see random acts of kindness. Such acts can really have a profound effect on the other person.


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Hey Paul

I think you did prity good with the pics. and the pair are a great match. This will be a great pair to watch and you can put me down for a pair Ill pick them up in September B-) I will add that Uncle Jim helps me out as well and I am never disapointed.

Good luck Bussy and may your tanks be fruitfull



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It is wonderful to see that there is still genuine sincerity and good will left in people. A better person than Jim would be hard to find . My hat off to you mate :applaud:

Good luck with them Paul :dance:

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