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  1. Bump for photos? Nice fishies, always liked DT's.
  2. Anybody I can private message that can help me with crit on a double tail plakat I'm looking at? :-)

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    2. Lilly


      Not yet, thanks heaps Les! I'll send you a message, very much appreciated. :)

    3. shadoh


      Hey Lilly, just saw this, happy to help out anytime (I dont check on status updated when on iPhone), so PM me anytime :)

    4. Lilly


      Thanks heaps, Shadoh! I will certainly remember that for next time. :)

  3. Anybody I can private message that can help me with crit on a double tail plakat I'm looking at? :-)

  4. Oooh! I spotted this guy earlier. I'm currently looking at importing a Marble Dragon HMPK- this guy would be on my list, but I need to restrict myself to Non-Reds. ): So tempting! That colour is amazing. Here's the link for anybody interested: http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwbettashmp&1342963768 Only 3 hours to go. PS: I think there's actually a board in the Classifieds dedicated to Aquabid Finds, just for future. :D
  5. Gave them a Sponge Filter today and it seems to already be helping. Thanks heaps, Bettarazzi! :)
  6. Ness, what would the 'oily slick' mean? I've got some of this in my fry tank and am a little concerned? (Sorry I was no help, SiameseFightingFist haha)
  7. Lovely pair, great to see you got the fish you really wanted! I hope they help with the recent loss. :)
  8. Great looking fish! Can't wait to see their fry- fingers crossed for you! How nice of Jim, too; he deserves a pat on the back. :)
  9. I never really thought that through much at all... the idea came to mind because I know we have some perspex laying around here somewhere, but now that you say that I don't think there will be enough for 4 30cm x 30cm dividers. Maybe I'll have a look at what I have, and also have a think about water flow and filtration (spray bars?). There's some good stuff in old threads, but lots of it is 5-10 pages long and spread out through small comments so can be hard to find and understand. Thanks for that rather important reminder, Chi. :blush:
  10. I know, I know- there are so many threads on this! Anyway, I have a few 2 ft tanks and I want to divide one of them. I measured one and it holds 54 litres. I'm thinking if I divide it into 5 sections, each fish will have a bit over 10 litres. Now, there are lots of talk on using poster hangers and such, but I'm going right back to basics. All I'm thinking of doing is using small squares of thicker glass or plastic (maybe even airline tubing cut in half) in a way that would allow me to simply slide in a piece of perspex between the small squares. Do you understand what I mean? I suck at
  11. I have my females living with a group of guppies and never had any troubles. I'm sure a BN will be fine as long as it has hiding places. From my understanding they love to get in under driftwood and in caves, and my dominant betta girl used to sit under a piece of driftwood (it was her 'territory')- the only time my guppies ever get ripped fins is when a silly one wanders into her 'lair'. They soon learn though, and if you have lots of hiding places in your tank you shouldn't have any problems. Betta personalities vary, as with any living thing, so you'll just have to try your girls with t
  12. Hahah, I thought you only say that to people when they turn 50? Although I suppose the younger years are the most radical! Happy Birthday, Ness! I hope you have a nice day.
  13. Looks great! Is your barracks a divided larger tank or was it made/purchased as a barracks?
  14. Ooh, lovely! I like the neat little anal fin and heavy dragon scales. Very pretty pair, best of luck with them and the others- I'll have my fingers crossed for fry eventually. :)
  15. Dibs on Fry! Have you chosen a female for your pearly boy, yet?
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