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The Caboolture Show Betta Competition


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Betta Australis, in conjunction with QAH are proud to announce the 2012 Caboolture Show Betta Competition 8th, 9th & 10th JUNE


1. Halfmoon

2. Plakat

3. Crowntail

4. Veiltail

5. Female (all types)

6. Other

Wild Bettas can be entered under the main show hosted by QAH in the anabantids category. Click here


$50 + Trophy - Champion Fighter

$15 + certificate - for 1st place winner in each class.

2nd and 3rd place in each class will receive a certificate


a/ Entries to be either posted to "The Secretary" Betta Australis Inc. 55 Capella Streel Coorparoo 4151, emailed to enquiries@bettaaustralis.com or phoned to Jarrod Nielsen on 0419 828 084

b/ Entry Fee is $5.00 per nominated entry.

c/ Entries close 5pm Tuesday 15th May 2012, late entries may not be accepted due to space.

d/ Entry Fee must accompany the Entry Form. Cheques to be made payable to Betta Australis Inc. Direct deposit details can be supplied upon request.

e/ Entries may be installed from Sunday 3rd June 2012 between 2.00pm and 10.00pm, Monday 4th June and Tuesday 5th June 2012

between 12.00pm and 10.00pm in the WD Williamson Pavilion.

f/ Hands out of entries at 10.00pm Tuesday 5th Junes 2012 and judging will be Wednesday night 6th June 2012.

g/ Equipment supplied includes - beanie boxes, stands, lights, Heating cords, power supply and air supply.

h/ All bettas excluding the Veiltail class will be judged in accordance with IBC judging criteria. Veiltail class will be judged using the Bettas4All Veiltail Show Standard

i/ Entries to be removed between 5.00pm and 9.00pm Sunday 10th June 2012.

j/ All care is taken with entries, but Betta Australis and QAH accept no responsibility for any loss or damages incured.

k/ Stewards collective decision is final.

l/ A copy of the rules and standards will be available upon request at all times.

m/ All entries must be displayed in supplied container, NO free standing entries admitted.

n/ Wild bettas to be entered under the QAH main show anabantid category. Entry forms and fees for this category to be paid and submitted to QAH. More info on the QAH Website: www.qah.org.au


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Fantastic- I want to be there to see :cheer:

I will be joining Betta Australis as soon as I am financial :embarrass:

I am sooo happy to see a Veiltail section- go the Veils, there are some stunning VT out there deserving recognition.. does 'Happy Dance'

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No, you don't have to be a member of Betta Australis to enter :D

Most of us have never done this before - we're all learning together. Everything is provided. All you have to do is make sure your entry form and fees are in by the due date, you bring your fish in during the designated days above and you pick it up during the times/day listed above :D

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Don't forget that your entry form and fees for the Caboolture Show Betta Australis Betta Competition have to be in by NEXT TUESDAY. 


Ps: You don't need to be a member of Betta Australis to enter.....

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All good Ness, this one really is a "practice run" so we have more than 1 person who knows how to set up for the BIG show in September. I'm trying to drum up a little more local support for this show so it will be more than a 2 horse race (1 of whom has a severe handicap) ... *lol*

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This is a tank I scaped for the novice aquascaping category. The same tank, plastic plants, live plants, filter, heater, gravel and guppies are provided to all who entered this category.


One of someone's entries. Love the Koi Angels... Will be getting some of these


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Well Jarrod did all the work on the bettas.

I was busy stirring up the cichlid guys, by telling them that they had mislabled one of their entries and that such and such fish has never been in Australia, and the fish they do have was a related and only recently described species, but definitely not what they had it entered as.

And this caused them more problems than I anticipated as how do they judge a fish they have no current standards for. So their solution, judge it to the standards of the other fish anyway. :rolleyes:

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